*My phone ringing*
“I wish this call is from a good company”.
The no says 080-********
“Great. This no is of banglore. Surely its the call I have been waiting for.”
I clear my throat. Goes out of room to avoid any disturbance. Clear the throat once again.
“Hello, is this Mr Prince Patni”
Voice of a girl. I guess would be of age 25. just guessing. Guess she would be beautiful too!
“Yes, speaking”
“Hi Prince this is Divya calling from ABC Consultants. Are you looking for a job?”
Ofcourse i am. Thats why i have my profiles on naukri, monster, timesjobs, itsmyascent, shine, joobie etc etc. I am more active on jobportals these days then social networks.
“Well yes. What kind of job are you offering?” i tried to be at my polite best.
“Its for a BPO. You will be working as a Customer Care executive for a voice process. it is a UK based call centre.”
Bullshit. I said to myself. This is around the 10th call i m getting for a BPO. No, not the preference I have saved on monster.com or timesjobs.com. What the hell..!
“Sorry ma’m i am not looking for a bpo job”. I wanted to shout and scold but again tried to be polite.
“Then can i know what kind of job are you looking for?”
Had that been a guy, i would have disconnected the call instantly. But she was a girl. And i am a man. and men are dogs.
“Well Divya see i have finished my Aeronautical engineering recently and i am looking for a job in aerospace domain” I tried to be polite, professional and accentuated.
“Oh i see. Sorry to disturb you mr prince. All the best for your job search. Have a good day.”
I see the endof call coming. I cant give up that easily. the voice was cute and so was the girl.
“Wait. Are there any technical openings in your company?” I tried to keep the conversation going.
“Yes there are but currently we are looking for candidates for only voice based openings. In case you have any of your friends ready please refer to them. This is my number.”
Is she hitting on me or just being nice, or maybe she talks to hundred people everyday and says this at the end. I thought for a moment. What are my odds?
“Sure Divya. it was nice talking to you. have a good day.”
“Thank you Prince” and she kept the call.
I found her voice more seductive then professional. Anyways the call was over. Another such call was over. Fed up of naukri and my search of naukri. I am getting all useless calls and not that one which i am expecting. Which i want. Which can change my life.
Disappointed I came back inside. Its a month i have been trying every possible way of getting a good job in aeronautical domain, but all in vain. when will all my efforts be fruitful? when can i finally reply to “So what are you upto these days?” When can i finally tell mom that your son has got a job. when can i finally change my fb status? When can i finally start my new life with new people and new things, new routine.


Good things come to those who wait.