Flashback : Interiew

“Okay.. Tell me Prince, Why should we hire you ? “

Yeah i was being interviewed. Shit just got real. For years i have been day dreaming about this moment. Day dreaming about how i will easily impress the interviewer with my english. About how much he will be impressed with my certificates and achievements. about how easily any company will take me, coz i am just.. awesome.. and any interview will be a cake walk for me..!
So, here i was, at “Aetos Design & Engineering Services” in Banglore. My first interview in Aerospace domain. I dint prepared. Coz its I, Me aur Main. I cant get rejected in an interview. Impossible. So i was cool. Stupidly enough, I dint even when to temple before the interview. Hah.
But Boom.. Reality check just happened. Yeah I was getting fucked, royally. Wake up call dude, This ain’t a BPO.

Yes, I couldnt answer a few tricky questions on turbine, they Came as a surprise to me. Not even on Catia. I gave unsatisfactory, repititive, worthless answers. When asked about any other area of interest during academics, I couldnt answer, I was blank. Neither I could give convicing arguments regarding my low percentage, and extended studies. Whoa..! I practicsed it day and night. And at that time all the answers felt so awesome. So perfect. But I was literally blank at that time. At few times, I couldnt say a word & just gave a fake smile. A few times I even ignored the questions as I had no answers to them. I was speechless. “I” was speechless. Emcee Prince was out of words. Ghosh.. what happened!!

“Okay.. Tell me Prince, Why should we hire you ? “
“Well Sir.. Firstly my communication skills are excellent. Both written and verbal. I have a fairly good knowledge of softwares. Though my academic grades arent that impressive but I can learn very quickly. Also I have a good knowledge in French, and I have an experience of handling US clients coz i have worked in an International Call Centre. Also…”
“See Prince this is not a call centre and we are not expanding our business to US so there is no point in that. What I have understood is that You just love talking. Thats it.”

I was taken aback. Half an hour of interview and thats what Mr Sampath judged out of me..! All my presentations, publications, softwares knowledge etc nothing is accountable..! Those first prizes, those anchoring experiences, that Green Peace certificate, those International Conferences.. “Fuck” I said in my head.

Sampath Sir took a deep breath. “Okay Prince if we are interested we will mail you. If you hear from us by next week then it means we can take things further. Okay then.” Sampath Sir left after a formal handshake.

Blank. Dark. Screwed. It felt i just got raped. This shouldnt have happened. No way. No fucking way. I knew i was not selected. It was clear the way he spoke the last few lines.

I collected my BIG Bundle of certificates, put it in my bag, paused for a second or two, and then left. Lost, dejected, sad, angry, and all those emotions were at their height. Yes, I lost.

This interview was a big blow to my confidence on myself & my English. It was indeed a reality check. I had no clue about my next step. coz i never thought of it. I got one chance & I blew it. I laughed on my day dreamings of what i will be doing after i get selected here. I laughed on myself. Though its not first time my day dreams being shattered but it hurts. Everytime.

Well now I am awake. I am out of my dream world. And i know what i should do. Not a crystal clear image, but a faint shadow.
Lets see how things happen to me now. I am sure if given another chance, I wont screw it up like this one.
Bring it on… Destiny.

“Good things come to those who wait”
… Really..? I m in doubt..! 😡