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I was just typing “Hey wat plans for the evening?” to my girl and suddenly i received a jerk. My friend. He just pulled me back or I was about to ram a track out of its life, or may be the opposite. He saved my life. Now I owe him one, yes you guessed it right, a life in Candy crush..!

Honestly, mobiles are convenient, far better than laptops. They are handy. and easy to carry.

When I was young, I faced a big turmoil in my life. We moved from Pencil to Pen. It was kind of a big shift then. But shifting from Laptop/Desktop to Mobile wasn’t that difficult. It was rather welcomed. And its welcomed the world over. Have a look at what “Mashable” has to say –


Well the data says it all. Honestly, we are more worried about two things running out these days then rest – our Phone battery & Mobile data. Infact, I’ll suggest “Roti Kapda Aur Makan” to add “Data Plan” along.

A day that starts with 100% Battery & over 1 gb data has the feeling like-


Now summarising the reasons why I prefer mobile over web –

1. Handy ! Obviously, I cant walk on roads carrying laptop and texting my gf. My chances of dying just multiplies.

2. Taking selfies and sharing it on Instagram or twitter as convenient as getting your work done in government offices, the bribe way !

3. Now saying about Instagram, you know you cannot use it on your desktop. And let me tell you a scientific fact. If you eat something, and you didn’t instagram it, the calories are not counted. Yes, its science..!

4. Tweeting with multiple accounts is just so smooth with my android twitter app. Like Silk chocolate. Yes.

5. You run out of battery on laptop, and you run for a charging point. You have to so the same for mobile but thanks to the inventor of Power Banks, this run has just got a lot delayed.

6. Lets face it, the pictures you take from Laptop are of shitty quality, and with Nokia bringing up a mobile with 41 megapixels, the use of mobiles for clicking and sharing pictures on social media just gets obvious.

7. Initially, the web version of everything came first and then the mobile version. Now a days, the mobile app comes first and just for the sake of innovation, on name of convenience, they extend it to web version too. Watsapp is the latest example.


Anyways, there is another outlook into this. The desktop usage is primarily more in the daytime till, lets say, 6 pm. But after that when the major usage happens, mobile scores, hands down. You obviously cannot snuggle under your blanket with a laptop and chat on social media.

I think I have made my point here. Social media on Mobile devices are more user-friendly and convenient than their web versions. Lets discuss this over social media. Lets make a mobile app for that. What say ?