Wondered what it was like a spot light that light up the entire hill and it was the blooming moon shining in.


A mystical green world explored in dark. Skip, hop and jump across the railway tracks starts the trek to the Gargantuan Makalidurga. Along the spectacular ridgelines we gain a rare perspective of enormous rocky terrains, the razorback rocky outcrops and sheer scale of this ancient land. Enchanting long-range scenic views across the lake to the misty forest-clad mountain views from the peak make it worth all the crawl and climb.


Full moon and a clear sky like a Feather on the Breath of God. If treks are awesome, then night treks are amazingly awesome this trek could correlate the theory “It’s all there for you, and your feet, to discover” Walk this way, for seven of the top hiking trails in B`lore.

With an amazing group, a trek is just a hangout with friends, which were strangers just a while ago.



Looking forward to more such amazing memories in Bangalore.