Don’t raise your eyebrows when I tell you I am a boy and I am equally concerned for my hair like a girl. Rather, My mom was more concerned for my hair than myself. In fact, she was more concerned about my hair than my sister’s hair !

She used to say “Take care of ur hair, or if you go bald, no pretty girl would marry you !”

Now I am 25, and I stay in a different city. That makes my mother more tensed as if I am taking proper care of my health. Like every mom, she keeps on asking if I had food, did exercise, ate fruits, and even milk !
One fine festival, I flied home, and my mom’s happiness knew no bounds. But her happiness turned into worries the moment she saw a white hair in my properly ruffled hairstyle. One single white hair she spotted in a second, while I didnt in so many days !
“You got leaner. And now you have white hair. You dont listen to me. Quit your job and live with us.”
I knew she always needs a reason to say that. But no arguing with Moms !!
She immediately asked the servant to bring loads of fruits and cashews and after dinner she brought a bowl full of Godrej Hair oil, the brand which have been trusted and used by us since quite a long now. Read more about Godrej here at !

The half an hour Hair massage, or what we call as “Champi” Mom gave me was heavenly. I was into another world for that while. No worries, no deadlines, no project deliveries, no boss, only Mom & her love for her son !

Now let me tell you something. MY mom works as a senior Government officer and obviously she has numerous worries of her own. But making her children stress free makes her stress free. Cooking for us, giving us head massage before we sleep, taking us out on shopping and temples, and praising about us to our neighbours and relatives are her worldly pleasures. And what she asks in return is nothing. Absolutely purely selfless LOVE !
Its said “God cannot be everywhere, so she made Mothers”. True.