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Me : Hi !
She : Hello. I am Priya.
Me : Bond. James Bond.

She looked at me as if I just cracked the worst joke on the earth. I knew it was bad, but not that bad as an ice-breaker! I tried to cover up by saying “Sorry, bad joke”. She smiled forcefully. The date started on a wierd note.

Meet Priya, the girl I am supposed to see so that we can mutually decide whether to marry or not. But how on earth one can decide in just one meeting ! How can you possibly know whether our frequency matches or not ?

We both were tensed but the place was not ! It was full of Energy. We decided to meet over the concert of Anushka Manchanda in Bangalore, with Allu Arjun as a special appearance. The show was about to begin in a while, and the crowd was just going bananas.

Things were by far below normal between us. Or to be frank, awkaward. We spoke less, and avoided eye contact. We stared more into the preparations going on stage. A few hmmm yes no good nice wow oh ok were the only words spoken by far !

And then came the announcement, the emcee introduced Anushka Manchanda and she gave teaser of her voice. The crowd went crazy, and welcomed her with a thunderous applause !

It seemed someone just charged the whole atmosphere. The cheer of crowd was astonishing. Cheers, whistles, shoutouts, and every possible thing made the place just so lively.

Now since we were standing at the back, and Priya is a little short, she was unable to get a proper view of the stage. She was trying to get a good view but in vain. I sensed that. I immediately hold her hand, and took her forward. We made our way out in the crowd, and reached in the starting rows. Her face had that sweet smile now. She was happy. She thanked me. I thanked the place!

The evening went to another note with Anushka’s songs. So much energy, so much melody, such great music. Especially when she sang “Bezuban Fir se” of the latest movie ABCD2, the crowd went mad ! She went on with songs like “Dance Basanti” and “Allah duhai hai”. Priya seemed to a super fan of Anushka, and within no time she came into her groove. She danced like there is no tomorrow. And she danced with me. We danced together. We felt like we knew each other since forever. The energy was impeccable ! Just outstanding !!

This wasnt enough when halfway down the concert Anushka introduced the special appearance Allu Arjun. And who doesnt loves when he dances ? Nobody can stop himself seeing Allu Arjun dance and in no time I was in my elements too ! Me and Priya danced till we dropped. The energy with which the date started and now, was worlds apart. We were enjoying each other’s company and each other’s dance. Breakdance, Pop, Classical, Ball, baraat dance, bhangda.. all forms of dance we did while we danced to the tunes of Anushka & groove of Allu !

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We held our hands most ofthe times and there was no more awkwardness around. It was fresh, free & energetic. It was lovely. We decided to meet more often and planned to join in similar parties. We are looking forward to be together, forever !

Thanks Anushka & Allu for making my date a perfect one by making this #MaxFreshMove !!