“You sure about it ?

“Hmm.. almost !” Her voice said she wasn’t.

My wife has called her colleagues home for the celebration of buying a new car. Like the smell of the first rain, the smell of a new car is also to be cherished. Its a not-so-fruity pungent smell, but you still take a deep breath and soak it in. You take the car out to go somewhere but its the journey thats more enjoyable rather than the destination.

Now it was a confusing weather day for us. It was hot and sunny in the afternoon, but it suddenly started raining in the eve and it rained cats and dogs. And by 7, rain stopped but it was all muddy and mashy around, though the weather became more pleasant to go on another romantic drive !

The weather fluctuation had left us gasped. We were sweating in the afternoon and got damped in rains in the eve. This mix of sweat and rain had me hate my favorite office shirt to the core. It smelled terrible. Moreover the socks too had a similar condition, and the moment I took my shoes off, the weird smell filled the entire room and my wife rushed to open the windows and turned on the exhaust fan. She looked at me in anger. I looked back at her in helplessness.

It was just about time when our neighbor knocked. She just experimented with a new dish and wanted us to try before her husband ! It was fish, and it smelled fishy. The entire room got filled with not-so-good aroma instantly and we had no choice but to smile, thank her and keep it.
So now this mix odors of these multiple things was making us mad, and her colleagues and boss were about to come in another hour.

And then it striked me !
I rushed off to nearby Hypermarket, picked up my favorite Lavender variant and just sprayed it !
It immediately acted on our senses and changed the whole atmosphere of the room. We smelled and smelled. We loved it. The perfect blend of coolness, and comforting freshness, makes it a perfect bliss. This vivacious and dramatic change in our house’s smell instantly made my wife smile. Her face lit up. Her mood freshned. She hugged me tight and patted my back jokingly for the perfect solution i brought.
The scent of floral notes and warming fragrance took over all our worries. The visitors came soon and we had a fine evening. They praised our house and complimented that it smelled beautiful. We later went in our new car for a long drive which also smelled perfect thanks to Vanilla Bouquet fragrance variant of Ambipur.
A memorable evening set perfect by Ambipur fragrances.
“I wish we could see fragrances as well as smell them. I’m sure they would be very beautiful.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

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