Mom : “Beta get ready we have to go to Sharma Aunty’s house warming ceremony.”

Me & Dad looked at each other in shock. There was India vs Australia Champions Trophy match about to begin in an hour and we both were super excited about it.

But then Mom just dropped a Nuclear Bomb over our plans. Dad stared at me in question. Rather, questions ! He is an avid cricket lover like me, and there is no possibility we would miss such a high intensity match and attend a boring function of our nosy relatives.

I said in a calm voice “Ok Mom.” Dad was more shocked to hear that. He continued looking at me with an ocean of questions. There is no way I will miss the match, he knew it. He knew I will be having some plans and he was equally curious to know about it.

Dad asked me in sign language about my plans. I hand signaled him to relax. We left for the function.

In the car, I quickly opened my twitter, went to the TL of @UCBrowser, as they regularly update the key points in the match, and told Dad that its India’s batting first. He jumped in excitement as his favorite batsman Rohit Sharma is gonna open the innings and he just cant miss seeing his master strokes Live.

We reached Sharma Aunty’s house in sometime. The innings was about to start and Dad was getting impatient. Though I was constantly updating him with progress of the match through @UCBrowser’s tweets, but watching the match Live has its own fun.

The guests were just settling here and the match was just beginning there. Rohit & Dhawan were entering the field. I got to know this through tweets. “Its the right time”, I said.

I called Dad and we went towards the deserted balcony. “His patience was as test. He asked the score. I said “Why dont you see it yourself?”

I opened the UC Cricket space in my Moto g’s UC Browser. All I had to do was click and go to

It has a dedicated space for cricket fans like us, that streams live cricket !! I just touched the link, and it took no time to start streaming the LIVE INDvAUS match on my Mobile. Dad jumped into excitement again. He was skeptic that the buffering might ruin the whole fun but it just didn’t. It was seamless, very smooth, very much like we see on TV.

Dad looked at me with pride. I felt touched. How could i let Dad miss out on his favorite thing on earth, Cricket ! Rohit played a fantastic innings and Dad enjoyed every moment of it. Within no time, couple of other relatives who are equal cricket lovers joined us and enjoyed the match on my UC Cricket Space.

I also showed Dad the Yuvraj Singh advertisement of UC Browser which he really liked. Its right here –>

Cricket is not just a game for us, its the way we live. Thanks @UCBrowser for this dedicated space for Cricket that is just the thing we cricket lovers needed !