We dance for laughter, we dance for tears,
We dance for madness, we dance for fears.
We dance for hopes, we dance for screams,
We are the dancers, we create dreams.

There is a dancer in everybody. Right from a small child to an IT guy, or even a business tycoon, give them a chance and they will show their real side, the dancer side. It only takes a moment and some music to realize not to care about the world, and dance with your hearts open, dance like nobody is watching, or dance like world is a stage and we are the performers.

I am an IT guy on weekdays, and an active NGO volunteers on weekends. Basically I get little time to explore myself. But when given a chance, I do what i love, like playing, singing, and dancing. Yes, dancing too !

Come with me to an EDM party and you see the real me. Or give me a situation and I’ll show what dance moves are. I might not be the ideal dancer to follow but you will see what dancing by heart means. Come join the party. Come Dance with me. Solo, or in group, or on stage. Anywhere, anytime, any situation. I am game !

Here is my dancing video for the Colgate #MaxFreshMove song, which has seen awesome dance moves from Allu Arjun & Anushka Manchanda-

I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.