Entertainment is something we need anytime around. Be it a leisure time in your comfortable bedroom on your plush sofa, or in chaotic city traffic inside a crowded bus, if you have entertainment on the go, your mood is good !

The best way to have entertainment ‘on the go’ is to ‘go mobile’ ! Mobile these days offers a variety of entertainment options making it easier for us to choose our pick and enjoy the time, rather than getting bored and fiddling through newspapers and chatting with nosy neighbors.

Mobile entertainment is on a rise. The following reasons are main driving forces for that –

  1.  Rise of mobile apps in store.
  2.  Rise of smartphones
  3. Charge on the go – Power banks are here.
  4. All entertainment clubbed together, in one place, i.e. Tata Sky Transfer.

I prefer to watch videos on the go ! Youtube is my favorite app because here you can easily find the best of the stuff, in the best of the form. Right from Hilarious videos, to inspirational, and sports to politics, you can find it all here.

Watching TV Shows is also something I love doing while I am stuck in huge traffic jams in #Bangalore. I have finished a lot of seasons of my favorite shows like ‘How I met your mother’ and ‘ The big bang theory’ and totally enjoyed it.

Not just that, for a big cricket buff like me, watching live matches and IPL on the go, while in office and even during important office meetings has become so easy that it can be done seamlessly now. Mobile entertainment has come a long way, and is way to go.

And a revolution is created by TATA SKY by bringing to the market #TataSkyTransfer. It has now become possible to watch our favorite shows, all the ones we love love watching, anytime anyplace ! Our entertainment experience is just getting transformed, forever !!

To know more about the TATA SKY Transfer, hit here http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/

So Tata Sky+ Transfer allows you to transfer/stream your favourite recorded shows, directly on your Android or iOS device, anytime, anywhere!  And hence the tagline – RECORD. TRANSFER. CARRY. And all this in just starting price of Rs 9300/-.1

These are some more exciting features of TATA SKY TRANSFER.

Also, dont forget to check out the awesome video –

The mobile entertainment revolution is here. Lets explore this more and get our dose of fun and entertainment, anytime, anywhere, on-the-go !!