Imagine a cold monsoon night, stars and a clear sky, a campfire & a bunch of friends. Now add your favorite snack McCain to it !! The joy gets doubled, isn’t it ?


This story is of this August, among the scenic and serene hills of Kudremukh, 5 hours from Bangalore. This trip was planned a few weeks before and trust me this place is one which should feature in your bucket list.

So this Saturday night under this full moon trek, during campfire, when everyone else were taking out the food stuff they brought , like Biscuits, chips, nachos, cupcakes etc etc that very moment I took out my McCain smiles.

And voila !! Everyone jumped in excitement ! Everybody’s favorite snacks was here. They jumped to grab a piece like a small boy jumps on seeing his mother. And then Priya, my trek mate suggested to do some food experiments.

Everybody was curious what was going on in her mind.

The first thing she did was to take a plate and spread the smiles over it. And now we took a piece of every other food item and decorated over it. For example, the cheeslings with some tomato sauce over the smiles and with salt and pepper as garnishing.

turkey-sausage-potato-pancakes-widgetNext she took the nachos, and served them with mayo with smiles below. They tasted heavenly. She also took the maggi soup and dipped the smiles in it and that was one of the most amazing delicacies of the night.


McCain Smiles with pickle and curd. And then with tomato onion salad, and also with molten chocolate… that totally made our night. The smiles spread across, literally. That food experiments were totally crazy and amazingly delicious. Every piece of smiles was fought for. We enjoyed, giggled and snacked on some delicious food combinations. Everybody shared their food stories and the experiments they do, but trust me, this one was epic!


We ended the night with sharing some more travel and food stories and finishing every bite of the lip smacking McCain smiles. Everybody appreciated this idea and made sure to make the next trek with more fun and more smiles, the MCain smiles.

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And know how these yummy snacks can be made more yummilicious by adding twists to it. We have to agree, these are the best evening and day-night snacks, ever !