It was one fine summer weekend when I was at home, cooling myself under the Desert cooler which gives the real relief. But it was lunch time and Mom wasn’t keeping very well. And it was just so hot outside to go the market and pick the best vegetables.

Dad was about to come from office in an hour for lunch and thats when I decided to help Mom in preparing the food.

Well, I am not one of the best cooks you will come across, but definitely the best help. Ask me do a task and I’ll seamlessly do it. So me & mom decided to cook something simple and healthy. Our neighbors have a small nursery where they grow vegetables naturally and I ran across and told neighbor aunt the scene.
She quickly picked up a few tomatoes, chillies, mushrooms and small herbs like coriander, pudina, mint etc.  Such naturally grown vegetables gives you the best of taste and best of health. I took them from aunt and handed my mom all those. She was delighted. 


So now its time for Me & Mom to cook together. My Whatsapp and twitter were buzzing continuously but I ignored them. Right now my priority was to help mom in preparing meals and then having a family lunch.
I quickly cut the onions and garlic and green chillies. Mom fried them using minimum oil, and believe me, the aroma of onion garlic getting fried is simply out of the world. Some mint leaves were added and step one was done.

Suddenly I heard the door bell ring. Mom went to open the door and was surprised to see Dad. He was early from work. Smelling the lovely aroma he straight away went to kitchen. Seeing the meal is still in preparation, Dad also decided to help. Dad is also a decent cook and loves experimenting with food.

Me & Mom asked Dad to take rest but he insisted. So now we were a team of three making the healthiest possible lunch. Dad helped in cutting the mushrooms and tomatoes. I helped in setting up the lunch table. Mom made the butter milk by the time veggies were being cut.

And another time, doorbell rang. It was our neighbor aunt this time. She has brought some more veggies and herbs to add. And also the Halwa she made in the morning. So we have the dessert already ready.
Mom quickly made the mushroom gravy and making rotis is her right hand job. She does it effortlessly.
So our family lunch is ready and the best part is, we have made this meal together, without even bothering about the digital world of television or phone. We connected with ourselves and our neighbors in real and we totally enjoyed these moments of togetherness.

We had a lovely time at the lunch table. I shared my office stories while Mom talked about the recent gossips in the neighborhood. Me and Dad listened to her in awe.

Such sweet moments of togetherness are indeed the best part in life, and they should not be replaced by the digital world. Such is the message also delivered by Kissanpur. They also emphasize on being with your near and dear ones in real and not digital.
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Lets salute this spirit of togetherness and make sure we do not get lost in the world of mobiles and television but get down to the roots and connect in person, by feeling and sharing the real emotions in the real world.