What do you expect from a trek? Well, some hills, lot of greenery, boulders, water streams and of course a variety of trees and flowers (with leeches if you are trekking in monsoon).
Kinda same all the time ??

But the place we visited this weekend was refreshingly new. It was completely off beat and the best part was the journey to be equally exciting as the destination. The picture below will give you an idea of what I am talking about.
IMG-20151012-WA0006Looks majestic, and spooky, isn’t it ?
You are right ! This place has its own aura. Its own charm. And its own elegance. It leaves you speechless. Rather, it makes you dive into an array of thoughts, a series of questions, & you cant help but adore its beauty, unknowing of the rich history it posses.

A few more pictures to leave you spellbound ->


This trip started quite early, infact as early as 4:30 a.m. We were 16 adventurers in total, in 4 cars. Or to be precise, 1 XUV, 1 Sedan, 1 Hatchback & 1 jeep. Trust me, it just couldn’t get any better.


This Church is around 250 km from Bangalore in the Hassan District. The church was built on the banks of Hemavathi River near Hassan where an erstwhile village existed long ago. When the government decided the flowing river water had to be put to better use, Gorur dam was built which floods the Hemavathi Reservoir. As with any dam, the collateral damage was relocation of the villages upstream. This village was no different and the villagers were relocated to the nearby villages but the church was left behind. It stood still standing the test of time and the wrath of monsoons. It has been more than 200 years since it was built and more than 25 years since the dam waters started flooding and submerging the church yet these walls bear the brunt with such understated charm and grit that it is hard not to let your jaw drop at the first glimpse.

Group pictures were obvious !



After pleasing our senses totally with the view of this majestic Church, we moved to another beautiful place. Its the Lakshminarayan Temple in Hosaholalu. The intricate wall carvings, the wonderfully designed interiors, and the metal pillars with the uniqueness of each section of temple told by the priest, amazed us totally.


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Also, its a must mention that we crossed a lots of su21482683113_2ea6dcfc34_ogarcane farms, which tempted us all the way. We couldn’t control and finally stopped at one, and picked a couple of sugarcanes (with farmer’s permission, ofcourse) and relished on it.


With such amazing stuff seen by now, we were craving for more. But it was time, and our work and responsibilities were calling us back to Bangalore. We started our return trip and were greeted by the rain gods on the way.
Some beautiful pictures of rain were clicked on the way !


We reached Bangalore back by 8 pm. It was one amazing day ! With such exciting weekends happening in life, weekdays just seems like a drag !!
But keeping that craving with us, and a hope to explore more such off beat and exciting places, we ended this beautiful and unforgettable trip.


If you are an explorer, or even if you are not, make sure to include this place in your must see list. It worth it, Totally !!