Big B is definitely not just big at name, but really big at heart too. Yes we are talking about the living legend Amitabh Bachchan aka Sr Bachchan aka Big B.
I am few of those lucky people who were there to witness this history being made live, and was able to capture my feelings in a few pictures and this blog.

Recently, in Gurgaon, Big B came to a construction site, and donated workers there clothes and jackets for the upcoming winter season. This was done for an NGO Clothes Box. Not just that, he also gave to one of the workers his favorite Jacket to beat the chilling winters ahead, which he wore in Silsila movie, a piece of memory so close to his heart, he gave for the needy.. isn’t that a great gesture of humanity.

Here are the few pictures of the event :

Sir Big B during the donation.


Not just that, Sir Bachchan even took mike and sang a song for the crowd, which made the crowd go roar in applause and made them delighted. Such a humble person he is.

The “Zanjeer” actor is known for supporting many initiatives that include polio eradication campaign and tuberculosis-free Haryana drive.

As he turns 72, Sir Amitabh Bachchan or the Big B of Bollywood grows even bigger. There is something about this man which makes us love him more as he grows old. What makes him so adorable? Why is he the unbeatable superstar even at 72? Why does he grow dearer with age? Lets explore the qualities that make Amitabh Bachchan the phenomenon that he is today…

1. Great and yet so humble. He maintains a dignified humility before everyone without discrimination.
2. He is the true gentleman of Bollywood. The way he treats even a common man, or the way he responds when even the lesser known journalists contact him, AB steals the heart.
3. No enemies policy. Name an enemy Amitabh Bachchan has and you will have to rattle your brains. This man has made only friends and no enemies in the film industry.
4. Never loses control. None of us have seen Big B speaking rubbish about anyone. He speaks little and speaks with calculation.
5. A happy family life. We Indians want our heroes to be real life heroes too. And the example that Senior Bachchan sets of a happy family is hugely lauded by his fans.

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