So it was Diwali time and I decided to help mom out on welcoming guests to our house by helping her in kitchen.

Now obviously Diwali is a rush time and also a foodie time but basically there is no control over the sugar and calorie intake that happens during this time.
My dad being diabetic, Mom always keeps a check of the sugar intake he is having, and stops him from taking excessive sweets. However, Dad being a food lover like me, cannot resist the tempting gulabjamuns, the yummy kaju katli, and the laddos that guests bring..!

So this time I decided to make a nice yummy dessert, which Dad would surely love, but with ‘SUGAR FREE NATURA’ the best substitute of Sugar that gives equal sweetness, great taste, but no worries of sugar intake being too much !!

So what I made was a Fruit custard, which is sweet, and equally healthy because of the subtle amount of fruits and dry fruits to be used in it. The recipe goes like this –

What you need –
2 litres of toned milk.
Amul Custard Powder
Sugar Free Natura
Fruits – Banana, Apple, Peaches, etc.
Dry fruits – cashew, cardamom etc.

How to make it-
-Boil the milk for a longer duration on less heat so that the fat settles down and the light part of it is taken from the top. Collect that milk, and put it in another bowl.


-Cut apart all the fruits like apple, banana etc and also the dry fruits like cashew, almond separately.

-Empty the custard powder in the collected milk, and heat the mixture again. It involves constant mixing of the two so that a solid mixture is not formed and the powder is evenly distributed.


-After that, add the SUGAR FREE NATURA into the mixture. This is to ensure that  the dessert has regular sweetness but no calories and harms of having high sugar. Its equally sweet and you wont feel difference in taste, infact it definitely tastes better !!

Sugar Free Natura Range Shot-01

-After letting the mixture being cooled, add the dry fruits first, as they have space to settle down and get mixed completely, in order to provide complete flavor…

-Let the mixture be settled in refrigerator for an hour. This makes it little solidified and the taste of fruit custard will be perfect as desired.

-After an hour, take the fruit custard out of the refrigerator. Sprinkle some finely cut dry fruits over it. Serve with north indian special Khaman, and trust me that makes it a perfect breakfast to offer this festival season.

fruit salad 2

This was my recipe of a lovely yummy Fruit Custard, made with lots of love, and SUGAR FREE NATURA. This is to ensure complete taste and good health. Afterall, resisting to eat sweets is not the right option; the right option is to pick the right ingredient, like the Sugar Free Natura.

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