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A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.

Kids are god’s messengers, and parents are gods on earth. No stone is left unturned by parents to keep their baby happy, smiling and safe. Anything and everything is being done for the kids and seeing the kids taking a safe and comfortable sleep is a parent’s happiest moment in the day.

Right from the time the kid is born, till he is young enough to express, parents have to understand the kids by their mood and sign languages and do what is right for them. It can be like understanding if the kid is hungry, or sleepy , or he wants something or someone to play with. Parents ensure all the demands of their children is fulfilled and they are happy, period.


What is also very important is to keep the baby’s skin safe, healthy and glowing. Undoubtedly, parents ensure every possible thing to do this, and I am also adding a few points here to guide on how to take the extra measures to keep a baby’s skin safe and healthy.

A baby’s delicate skin requires special care. These measures must be common but they are really important. And if followed diligently, it ensures babies’ skin is healthy and soft always, and the baby is smiling always.

  1. Take extra precaution of your baby’s clothing and any garments that touch his or her skin. Newborns may be susceptible to chemicals found in new clothing, so be sure to wash clothes thoroughly before they’re worn. Also, a baby’s skin can easily be irritated by soap and harsh detergents, so use products that are free of fragrances and dyes. Check the labels to ensure that the detergent you choose is safe for sensitive skin.skin_science_skintype_babyskin

  2.  Frequent bathing can dry out baby’s delicate skin. During the first year, a bath two or three times a week is all that’s needed. Avoid long baths and hot water, since both can cause dry baby skin. Gently cleanse your baby, paying special attention to skin folds and the diaper area. Soaps can be drying and fragrances may irritate, so look for a soap-free, fragrance-free cleanser. After bathing, gently pat away excess water with a soft, absorbent towel.
  3. No one can resist a baby’s soft, tender skin. To keep it that way, smooth on a moisturizer within three minutes of bathing to seal in moisture.
  4. Have them eat a lot of nutritious food and food products, a plenty of mother’s milk, regular fluid intake and doctor’s prescribed medicines.
  5. Most importantly, the diapers babies wear, is an important choice. Diapers are along with babies for the maximum time and it should be ensured that they are of the finest quality.
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The measures discussed above are to make sure your baby has a healthy skin. These will ensure of-

1. Moisturize, soften and smooth dry skin
2. Improve the appearance of the skin
3. Achieve healthier-looking skin

I wish all the kids in the world be happy, and smiling always, as when the kids smile, the happiness around us just multiplies.