25- The number of nature lovers having a day out into the unknown, away from city’s hustle, facing happily the wrath of rain gods and sharing love in the form of food, with strangers !

That’s just a teaser of what happened on a fine November Sunday.


Unusual for a Sunday Morning, and for a surprise for even ourselves, we woke up early and reached Bangalore Cantt (The huddle point) at 7.
Another surprise was train leaving right on time, 7:40, and the general compartment being empty, which we happily boarded and made it a living room in no time with our Introductions, stories, jokes, and games.

A part of the team were playing the unanimously loved game Dumb charades, where we encountered tricky movie names like ‘Kutub Minar ki saatvi manzil par pyar ho gaya’ (Crazy, right?), and sometimes easy ones like ‘Drishyam’, while the another half were busy challenging each other in cards.

Not to forget the mention of magnitude of hunger we had in all of us as it was pretty early, and the shine you could spot in our eyes when we saw the bowl full of yummy pohe, the ‘Little Hearts’ we purchased and other stuff like chips, biscuits and more.

In an hour or so, we all reached our destined station ‘Makalidurga’. A deserted station with only a handful of people, a water tap, and no hotel, it felt peaceful. Add the nice cozy calm weather with little sun, and warmness in the cold air, made it the perfect setting for the trek to come.


After a brief round of introduction and knowing each other a bit more, we tighten our shoe laces and marched towards the peak, like an army marching to fight a battle, just a lot happily and peacefully. The army was led by Vikram, taken care in the middle by Premal, and protected at the last by Kamal. With a lot of new comers, with probably equal number of experienced trekkers, the crowd was a mix and saw excitement and anxiety alike.

Passing through big boulders, sloppy surfaces, twisted tress and  bright green bushes, we reached the top. Yes, easier said than done, the feeling of triumph was surely inside all of us.

The view from the top was majestic, and breathtaking. The serene lake that was a little far off the mountain, looked very tempting. The roads were narrow and the big mammoth trucks looked like toys. Neighboring mountains too looked inviting and the clouds over them felt heaven. Words just cannot describe the beauty of that moment we all were soaking, sitting speechless, adoring the beautiful nature.


I dont remember who but somebody opened one food box. Thats it..! Perhaps thats something we all were waiting for, and wished someone to begin. The nice decent people (read girls) who did the efforts of making food last night opened their bags and the shameless (slightly) people like me (and other boys) attacked that instantly. In no time, everybody was munching on something, and roaming around to see what everybody else is eating and took a share. Nothing less than an picnic moment,  this eat-a-thon went for a while until we were exhausted, not with hunger but with food.

Special mention to the not-so-perfect-in-shape but perfect-in-taste Gulabjamuns (3 cheers for the 3 ladies), and the yummy Puliogre. Also hats off to the person who brought lot of fruits, and also to the one who brought roti rolls in different flavors.

And then the rain gods unleashed !
Yes, it started drizzling first, and eventually moved to heavy rains and we had to take out our protection gear, i.e. Raincoats and Umbrellas. Kudos to Mr. Gowda who had the selfie stick with a protective cover over the phone so even rains couldnt stop us from taking numerable pictures and selfies.

IMG_20151122_132826Rains excited us more and tempted us to sing (romantic) songs which eventually made us play antakshri. Not to forget the lovely voice of Radhika and Meghna and we heard some melodious Hindi and Kannada songs. The rain antakshri created a perfect fun moment to be remembered for a long time now, or honestly, forever !

It was time to say good bye to the peak, and move to the base. Rains had made the terrain slippery and we had to be more careful while descending. We saw folks slipping, and trust me, we picked them up but only after laughing to our heart’s content !!

We reached the base in time, and in a while we were back at Makalidurga station. As always, we finished a feedback session where words like ‘Awesome’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Memorable’, ‘Too good’, ‘My best ever trek’ were heard.


We departed from Makalidurga after a couple of crazy group pictures, but, the fun didnt ended here. Though the train was full and we had to go standing in the start, but after finding seats, we were back to the fun mode and played Foodie antakshri. So in this, food names are being called out and the new food name had to start with the last letter of the previous food name. Sounds crazy and fun !!
Trust me it was a mouth watering game, and food stuff like Pasta, Lemon juice, chicken biryani, Dhokla, Dal fry etc were going into our ears and felt heaven.. Also, were overheard food names like ‘Google Dosa’, ‘Facebook Paratha’, & ‘Whatsapp Chutney’. We all were going LMFAO.

The train was running late by an hour or so and we didnt mind that as we were having quite some fun. But as the destination was getting nearer, the heart was getting heavier as an amazing day was coming to an end. And in sometime, we have to get back to normalcy.

The trek ended there, and the blog ends here. But honestly, the memories of this trek would last forever. We have had a beautiful day, and made some new friends, had some crazy adventures and munched on some delicious food. We have done it all.
But we are hungry to do more. More such adventures awaits. And more memories. Till then, Adios Amigos.