As a kid, and even now as a grown up, Holi had always been my favorite festival to enjoy, eat and make some memories. Holi is the time when the entire India shouts in sync, ‘HOLI HAI’ !

In this blog, I’ll share memories of my Holi celebrations during my college days !

Holi in college is a fun affair. Students mingle, talk to each other more openly, and most importantly, talk to teachers in a fun and friendly manner. The day of holi is a day of equality. Nobody is spared ! Right from teachers, to principle, to working staff, to students, or even the visitors to college are submerged in holi colors.

Not just colors, but Holi is a time for eating amazing stuff too. Teachers and local students bring the sweets and savories like Gujiya, pakodas, etc, and then is served the drink of the day, THANDAAI ! The lawns are sprayed with the vibrant colors that the students and staff members greeted each other with. Gujiya, Cutlets and Thandai added flavor to the celebration as it proved to be the perfect flavor to the day.

Holi starts with an amazing rush in the hostel, everyone is dressed for the celebration of festival of colours. New dresses aren’t spared and are treated alike. Colors of all types and intensity are thrown, or applied to all possible people at all possible places. Its actually difficult to identify a person which was completely normal and visible few minutes ago.

In our hostel ground, we used to dig a small pond, add all colors, and water in it, and all the people passing by were forced to take a dip in that holy water (or rather Holi water).
This ensured minimum of water use, and maximum of fun. we also ensured nobody is hurt, and also no harmful colors are used. WE always used the organic colors so that hygiene is maintained while having the maximum of fun.

The day used to begin early, with coloring in hostels, moving to college teachers/staff, then the holi party and eating times, and finally dancing to the tunes of RANG BARSE in college ground. The day used to end with taking bath and remove maximum possible colors. It also had a time of calling all possible friends and relatives and wish each other on this special occasion.

Our holi celebration used to be mad, mad time ! It was full of fun, excitement laughs, music and food. This is a festival  best celebrated with friends and food. I plan to celebrate holi this year with equal fervor but with more care, of myself and others, using no harmful colors, and pledging to waste minimum water.

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.