“Jungle Jungle baat chali he pata chala he
Arey chaddi pehen ke phool khila he phool khila hai”

The above songs rings a bell in our mind, doesnt it ? Yes, it makes us nostalgic. It takes us to our childhood when we used to keep humming this song day and night. It revives our memories being a kid. It makes us dive into the innocent world of Mowgli.

Mowgli  ! Yes the kid that has made our childhood amazing. A kid that was lost and found in a jungle and grows up with wild animals that becomes his best friends and this becomes the most epic timeless story of all times. Mowgli_(Disney).jpg

Yes we all remember the epic adventures Mowgli had. And also the array of great characters the story involves. Be it Baloo the teacher, Bagheera the protector, Kaa the advisor, Raksha, Hathi, or Shere Khan the enemy. Every character has an aura and impact of its own. And this is what makes the story of Mowgli one of best we have seen till date.

Honestly, if someone asks me to pick a fav character from Mowgli, I’ll definitely be stumped. Its so tough to pick one best of the several bests. But in that case, my vote goes to  the kid Mowgli himself !

The Story begin with Mowgli getting strayed away from a village in India when he is a very small child. He is then reared by Mother Wolf with her own cubs and becomes a member of the jungle wolf pack. He learns to survive, and Baloo makes him learn all the “Master-Words” so that he can communicate to any creature in the jungle. He is a quick learner and grasps quick. He understand the wilderness and respect it. Mowgli found a weapon he could use against the tiger Shere khan— fire. He fights the tiger and gains respect from Villagers and wild animals alike. The story shows us that even if the world is against us, but if our friends support us, we can still win the world.
There is a lot to learn from Mowgli – bravery, compassion, learning, and being innocent yet smart. Mowgli will forever be in our minds and hearts for reasons deeper than entertainment.jungle-book.jpg

So disney has listened to our unsaid prayers and are bringing Mowgli back !! Woohooo ! What can be better than watching our favorite childhood character back as an adult? It will be the same excitement as before. Same thrill, same adventure. I am already getting pumped up and equally nostalgic writing this. I just can wait for the disney’s Mowgli to release. Super happy, super excited, not just me, but my entire family, friends and mowgli lovers !!

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