“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home !”

Its always amazing to take a walk in the shade under green trees. But image there is no tress, no greenery around and is all open and sunny. Quite difficult will be the life, isnt it?

We have taken over this earth from our ancestors, and we’ll pass it on to our kids and future generations. Thats why we should also tell them the ways to keep it secure, and healthy. And not just to keep it safe, but also improve and make it more greener, to cherish its benefits forever.

Few things that can be done by our kids even at a young age that will help conserve nature and its resources in the long run-

  1. Use your clothes washer and dryer when you have a full load in the machine. This will help reduce the water consumption.
  2. Watering in the morning, when it is hot and dry, leads to water evaporation.Hence we should always water our lawn during the evening, when it is cooler and dryer.
  3. Say no to both, “paper” and “plastic!” This is vital to save nature in a big way.
  4. Replace old light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs. Although they will be a little more expensive but they will save on the energy bill in the future and they last longer.
  5. Collect rainwater and save it to water your lawn. Use this water for all other small purposes and hence using natural resources is an efficient manner.
  6. Buy a stylish ceramic mug for your daily cup of coffee instead of using a disposable cup.
  7. Turn your computer off when you go to sleep.
  8. Turn off lights and fan when not needed.
  9. Wash the pets outdoors in the lawns, this will automatically save a lot of gardening water.
  10. Plant more trees in school, house backyard and also on your colony’s outdoors. The more we plant, the more our future will be greener.

Above are just a few measures that we and our kids can easily take to conserve nature. Conservation is not just important for animals but to all living things. Conservation is also very important to prevent floods, fires, new deserts and drought. It is important for us to realize how our world is changing and to get into good environmentally friendly habits sooner rather than later. Adults should listen to young people as they may have new and fresh ideas that nobody has considered before that will help stop extinction, global warming and wars over resources.

I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.