1, 2 socks out of shoe
3, 4 shirts and more
5, 6 trousers need a fix
7, 8 undies cant wait
9, 10 time to dance !

Well well, the above was the jingle we danced upon while our clothes were doing Zumba, salsa and much more in the washing machine. And to their company was Ariel Matic ! Ah cannot be a better jodi we say !!


Being a bachelor with very less time for myself, washing clothes is nothing but a bad dream. Finding time to do these household chores had always been on the bottom of my list, Until I discovered that washing clothes can be fun !!

The new Ariel Matic’s theme of load sharing is quite nice and apt in this rushed world. And that’s when I fastened my belt and joined my Mom in finishing this task which was a great one hour of good fun !

A fine Saturday evening was chosen to finish up this mammoth looking task. Me and Mom divided the work as her role was to collect all the dirty clothes of all the family members, put in the washing machine, and turn on water, While my role was to Put the right amount of Ariel Matic in the machine and turn it on ! That’s what we call the equal load sharing, right ? Putting the right amount of Ariel is equally important too, you see !

Rest of the job our machine did beautifully. While all this was happening, we turned the TV on and enjoyed Kapil Sharma show’s recap, and didnt realised that while we laughed and jingled, the Washing machine did its job and beeped. We opened the lid and a lovely aroma filled the house. Ariel not only washes the clothes perfectly but also gives a nice flowery smell to the clothes that gives you a happy feeling !

I picked a couple of my shirts to find them clean, shining and fresh like flowers. Oh yes, my another role was to dry these clothes on the hangar which I quickly did while Mom prepared Masala Tea for the family.
So in an hour, our clothes were washed and dried, we watched TV, and even had Mom’s special tea and snacks. That’s what happens when the load is equally shared among family members ~ you have more time with them ! And thats how Ariel Matic does it. Its an incredible product, I say !

To elevate this fun further, We decided to go odd-even. Me on Odd, Mom on even ! Yes, that would be so much fun know !! But we also decided to share the load equally daily, and divide the work accordingly. Afterall, we are a family and rules can be twisted ! So, together, lets end the gender inequality in households and share the load. Equivalent to share the fun, when its Ariel Matic !


I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda