Bangalore is a crazy city. The life here is as fast paced as the likes of cities like Shanghai or Singapore. And why not, the best Startup city of Asia has a lot to offer.
But what it also offers is traffic jams, and chaos when it rains. And you need a small compact car that swiftly breezes through the traffic blues, gives you a comfortable drive, and is pleasant and cool inspite of the chaos or heat outside. Thanks Datsun, for bringing out a car as amazing as redi-GO !


To begin with, I’ll call it not just a car, but a masterpiece from Datsun, a piece of art. You come close and look at the car, and you just cant stop adoring it. The car is Complete ! Right from the front grille to the headlamps, to the stylish tail lamps and rear, this car is surely here to turn heads. Lets explore more of the car..


Well this adorable beauty is something everybody would like to take home. The signature hexagonal honeycomb front grille, the swept up Cool looking LED daytime running lamps, ground clearance of 185mm, 13-inch wheels adds a lot to the car’s look, stance, and character.

The proportions are definitely neat and compact. Its made for the narrow Indian lanes that takes instant curves but the Red-go just flows along like breeze. Its can fit in anywhere and parking blues are simply out of question.
Whats also noticable is the character line that runs across the length of the car that gives it a stylish look. The rear is simple and decent and equally sporty as the front. redi-GO offers you a mammoth 222 litres of boot space, good enough for a family vacation.

Overall, a good ground clearance, stylish exteriors, the inventively designed lamps adds fun to the aesthetics of the car. Definitely redi-GO is a head turner.



You take into hand the driver’s console and you just cant stop loving it. Its an array of exciting features that welcomes you inside. The dashboard is very pleasant and premier and offers a lot of control to the driver. Datsun’s trademark infotainment system has a variety to offer and is surely perfect for a lot of entertainment on the go..!
The digital tachometer and drive computer gives you necessary details like current fuel economy, distance to empty, shift indicator, and trip details. The power windows are a boon in the Bangalore weather that keeps changing from hot to thunderstorm to rain, and hence is conveniently located for both pilot and co-pilot to operate.

The leg room and head space both at front and rear are quite spacious and a person of average height 5’10” can easily fit in and drive/sit. The seats are plush and premium.

Overall, driving has to be fun. And with the new redi-GO and its exciting features at the dashboard, it surely is !



Effortless, smooth, noiseless, and powerful. Thats the verdict of the brand new redi-GO’s drive. Thanks to its i-SAT (Intelligent Spark Automated Technology) Engine that offers a knock-free performance. This also ensures a great mileage, upto 25 km/l. The engine is a 3 cylinder 799 cc one and offers you a modest 54PS of peak power and 72Nm of peak torque, the drive you have been looking for.


With all such impressive features, how about taking this little master for a long drive, on the roads that are just perfect, or not. The first place that comes to my mind is the mind blowing roads and valleys of Leh Laddakh. Yes, that will surely be a bliss driving the new redi-GO on that roads that virtually leads to heaven. That would test the endurance of the car, the drive quality and the performance it has to offer in all conditions. Certainly this car is going to emerge a clear winner, hands down !


The all new redi-GO is certainly made to completely eliminate all your driving blues. Its perfect stance, great design, and beyond standard performance makes it a must buy car this season.

So folks, if buying a new car is in your checklist to do this season, then this is the perfect car, and this is the perfect time. A perfect Indian car redi-GO is out and is a clear winner. Go, test drive it today and be amazed !!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.