For reasons we don’t fully understand, some people reach such depths of despair and pain that they begin to believe that they would be better off dead. The only light they see is the darkness of Death. For them, death is a solution. Actually, it is not.

At this time, Sriram Ayer highlights this burning topic and pens down a gripping novel. A very strong and sensitive subject, Sriram has done complete justice to this social issue. The novel is titled ‘The Story of A Suicide’, and deals with the life of 4 characters in a College – Sam, Charu, Mani & Hari.
This novel has all elements to keep you hooked – love, lust, betrayal, revenge, sexuality and more. The illustrations by Ghana keeps your imaginations vivid, colorful and surreal.


The novel also has a ‘How do I’ sections that summarises any questions the person in trauma might have, and answers them beautifully, with a list of Dos and Donts. Special credits to Mansi S Mehta for such a great content.

I’ve reviewed the complete story in three different blogs as the novel is too good and captivating to finish in one. I’ve also quoted my fav excerpts of the novel, which I enjoyed reading, thanks to the clever writing of the author.

Chapter 1 to 8 Review-

Chapter 9 to 16 Review-

Chapter 17 to 31 Review-

I hope you enjoy reading the review blogs, as much as I enjoyed reading the novel myself.
I bet the review will tempt you to go read the novel yourself, so hit the link here-

Thanks Sriram & the entire team for such a passionate novel.