Well, first things first. The promo video is gripping. It captured me all the time and I couldn’t blink, forget move. Honestly, I forgot to breath too. Such was the passion in the video. I immediately went to the ‘About’ section and found out the brain behind this masterpiece. Kudos Surya Balakrishnan, great job there !


Now, coming to the Novel. Oh and before that, the website is beautiful. And so are the illustrations, great work by Ghana.

Now, the story. The title itself is dramatic and promises a deep story within, as is guessed by the prologue. Its certainly gripping. The foremost paragraph ‘Dear World, I am going to Die..’ grabs your attention. It immediately captures you and you cant stop but read further. I kept reading and found it totally relating, as if that character is me. Its me who is speaking the words, who is facing the situation, and whose thoughts are being penned down.

The happiness in Hari’s family on him being selected for a prestigious Engg college is something that made me nostalgic, as I’ve been through similar days. The swag of Sam and his obsession with his richness, the nosy girlfriend Priya, and the bubbly Charu, I feel I have come across all such characters in my College too. This makes me totally go down the memory lane, and relive those days, golden days.

A few of the paragraphs that I really liked and found it worth praising in this blog –

The love of a mother for her child, even if the child is the God-
“Krishna might be the master of the universe, but he was still a child to Yashoda. She knew that her son was the Lord himself; still, she was anxious if he might fall, nervous when he remained quiet, helpless when she could not comprehend his mumblings, worried when he would not eat, but cried when he smiled” 

Great example of crabs for inspiration-
Watching the waves have a way of soothing a disturbed mind. Hari was amused by two small crabs that were on a race only to be drawn back in to the waters by the oncoming wave. Hari smiled at their predicament but was surprised to find that they continued their race till the next wave destroyed their present purpose.

And, this conversation-
“Caesar, if you were to describe yourself in five words, what would you say?” Draupadi went back and sat next to him.

“General, avenger, warrior, thinker and lover,” and he smiled victoriously at her.

“I like the order,” she smirked, “did you notice that you never said, father, husband, parent; even ‘lover’ I would presume must have been to boast your sexual prowess and not the emotional side.”

I’ve finished the first 8 chapters and I am determined (read eager) to finish the rest soon. The story is captivating and keeps you hooked to it.


What happens to Mani ?
Will Sam forget Priya and move on with Charu?
How will Hari & Sam’s friendship flourish?

Read my next review for Chapters 9-16, or read yourself the complete novel here –

Last, but not the least, Kudos Sriram Ayer for such a gripping novel !!