Well, I have finished reading the story half an hour ago, but honestly I am still into an array of thoughts. I am still gripped with the story and its characters. I am yet to come out of the incidents unfolded dramatically and the strong end.
This was an absolutely amazing read, and makes you think of morality, sexuality, trust, betrayal and ofcourse, love, with a different perspective. Charu, Sam, Hari, Mani – You’ll be etched in my mind forever.

‘The Story of A Suicide’ Chapters 17 to 31 had dramatic twists and turns, an exciting climax, and a thought provoking finish. It argues the difference between the thought process of different sexes, and sexualities. It explains how important it is to be open and clear in a relationship. It also throws a light on how a bad company can ruin a good relation. And also how society perceives different sexual orientations and how a serious issue is a laughing matter for most.

Sriram Ayer has done a great job in writing this novel that knits a lot of elements together – love, betrayal, sex, bisexuality, and ofcourse technology. The novel also has the ‘How do I’ section which is a great read and helps overcome the issues that are, or, are not a part of the story. It covers answers to burning questions that we are mostly afraid of asking, or confessing the fear of.
Questions like How do I – “manage stress”, “deal with difficult people”, “help a friend with suicidal thoughts?” etc are answered beautifully with a list of DOs and DONTs and a nice message to end with, along with citations for a detailed read.

Few of the lines/phrases I must mention are creatively written –

This piece in Ch -17
But aren’t you forgetting something? That we vaginas have a life of our own? That we like a world that has nothing to do with you? That we love sunrise, rain, chocolate, the kiss of a child, hug of a dog, water kissing our feet, smile of a toothless granny, smell of sand before the rain, taste of a sour mango, the rush of adrenalin before the win, audiences’ applause, money at the end of a hard working day.

This description of Charu was adorable-
Charu was dressed in a free flowing laced maroon coloured garment that covered her body mischievously, slithering and revealing her pale white skin, moving about as if it had a mind of its own. She wore a tiara made with pearly pink hibiscus flowers and her thick lustrous hair bounced on her shoulders gently moving to the rhythms of the ocean.

This is thought provoking-
The butcher made the eater happy. The eater made the butcher happy. But where did the lamb disappear? The poor lamb has lost its identity. From lovely lamb to meat, from mutton to food, from delectable food to faeces and from foul-smelling faeces to earth again.

Adorable thing to say to your love-
I will carry your heart everywhere I go my sweetheart and you will carry mine. You will be in my happiness and pain. You are my fate, you are my destiny, you are my soul, you are my desire to live. My life would be empty without your kiss. You complete me.

Lastly, on Suicide –
Well if everyone who has a problem decided to commit suicide, this world will be filled with only dead people. Stop being a whiner. There are people with problems far worse than yours but are still looking forward to a tomorrow with hope. Get up and prove that you are capable of something. Anything! Have faith. Have hope. Stop complaining!

Overall, it was a great read. In this pressing times of trauma and tension, this is an awaker. It works like coffee. It might be just not a book, but a revolution. An inspiration. A change.

With this I end my 3 series review of the book ‘THE STORY OF A SUICIDE’. Read yourself the complete book here – http://www.storyofasuicide.com/.