Well, the story has taken interesting turns and is unfolding dramatically. A lot of things are happening in the lives of the main characters of the story – Sam, Charu, Hari & Mani.
Right from passionate kiss to bullying each other, Charu & Sam love story is getting quite interesting and dramatic. Mani’s background and harsh childhood along with scary escapades of Hari with HE are interesting enough to keep the readers hooked and captured.

Special mention to the Chapter 11 – ‘Dance of Death’ for the very very engrossing narration.

Ch-12 ‘All About Burning’ has an emotional touch and and gives a lesson on Father – Son relationships and how much important family is to one. It also highlights the vivid history of the city ‘Chennai’ and makes me want to visit the city and take a stroll in the streets of Mylapore.

In Ch-14, ‘Strangers in the Night’, the conversation between Charu & Alex on love, sex and temptation is a balanced and interesting one and puts the reader in an array of thoughts.

Few of the excerpts from my read which I really liked :

The love lesson for both genders:
“When a person loves another to fill a void, then the relationship is doomed for failure. It is born out of fear, insecurity and low self-esteem. And this is common among men and women. But the way both of them handle that during and after break up may be different.”

The James Bond analogy:
James Bond fell on his back with such unnatural calm and grace that his hands and feet did not shiver or shake. The scenes moved like an approaching train in her mind and before she could figure out the contours or its colours, it shape shifted into another amorphic form. What would he have remembered before giving it all up?

The description of God: 
The silence was broken suddenly by his thunderous roar, “the long armed, mettlesome, bull-eyed, fearless and wrathful, he is all muscle, yet marked with all good lines, unassailable, with the shoulders of a bull and the wide mouth of a snake, a great archer with the pride of a lion and the power of a mad elephant, the voice of a thundercloud and a kettledrum, the face of the full moon, the match only to the King of Gods in bravery, might, beauty and shape.”

The story has taken interesting turns and it is now impossible to keep the laptop off and sleep. The chemistry between Charu & Sam is taking a different graph and Alex seems to play a vital role here.

Again, thanks to great website with a hassle free reading system along with great illustrations which are exceptional.

This was the review of Ch-9 to 16, and for the rest of the book’s review read my next blog, or read yourself the full story here – http://www.storyofasuicide.com/.