Are you one of those who decides to get up early and go morning walks but still snooze thrice to realize its too late and straight away rush for office/college?  Are you also once of those who plan a diet for a week but eat only what is available and tastier, including high cholesterol stuff and fast food? Do you take Diet coke along with French fries and large burger? You are aware of all the harmful effects this lifestyle can cost but can’t do anything about it ??

Time to change !
First things first. There is no need to completely forcefully change your active lifestyle to be healthy. Some small  steps can be taken which can do wonders and ensure you have a active body, a healthy heart and a happy you ! Lets go through a few small initiatives and apply in our daily schedule that shall go a long way in keeping you fit and active.

Exercise regularly
Make sure that every week you aim for five 30-minute sessions of an activity that can involve simple exercises even sitting at work or while watching your fav cricket match on TV. Get up from that couch and start right away !

Drink carefully
Excessive alcohol has severe damaging effects on the heart: It increases the risk of heart diseases, raises blood pressure, heightens the risk of stroke, can directly damage the heart muscle and is very calorific, so is associated with obesity.

Stop smoking
Smoking doubles your risk of heart disease but a year after quitting the risk is reduced by 50 per cent. That’s significant.

 Eat healthy
-Eat at least a small amout of fruit and veg a day
-Opt for wholegrain carbohydrates such as brown bread or rice rather than sugary ones
-Include some milk, dairy, meat, fish and eggs in your meal / breakfast
-Minimise salt intake, as this is associated with high blood pressure in some people, and avoid high levels of fat and sugar: together they can dramatically increase your heart disease risk.
-Opt for high quality vegetable oils like Saffola.
SAFFOLA is a healthy heart option that has multiple benefits. Lets have a look at few-

1. Contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that prove to be healthy since they prevent cancer and heart diseases. The polyunsaturated fats can decrease your risk of heart disease.

2. This oil is known to have double the antioxidant power than that of olive oil. It is the perfect choice of oil for Indian cooking.

3. Saffola has a specially designed antioxidant system that can withstand high temperatures and help in preventing the formation of harmful free radicals.

4. According to some independent lab studies, Saffola has 18 percent lower absorption capacity than soybean oil and 20 percent lower absorption capacity than canola oil.

So lets join the momentum, ensure we and our families follow the steps above, be fit and stay active. Afterall, a Healthy family is a Happy family !

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.