A healthy you is a happy you. Undoubtedly, as the more fit and active you are, the more your body allows you to be, and hence keeps you in the best of spirits !
Presumably, it is not an easy task to be fit, as requires a lot of rules to be followed, isnt it? Well no ! It is not that difficult and you can keep your heart healthy by following some easy tips as we’ll discuss below.

 Some Tips for a Healthy Heart –>

1. Don’t smoke, and avoid secondhand smoke. Smoking markedly increases the risk of heart attacks and heart failure. Quitting smoking rapidly reduces your cardiovascular risk.

2. Exercise. New recommendations are to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes daily. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and keeps your heart strong and disease-free.

3. Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity has been shown to increase the risk of heart attacks, heart failure and diabetes. A healthy diet and exercise program is the best way to maintain a normal weight.

4. Get your cholesterol levels checked. High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms until it is too late. The only way to know if you have a healthy cholesterol level is to get it checked. If you have not had your levels checked in the past year or two, get them checked now.

5. Maintain a healthy cholesterol level. The ideal level for your LDL (“bad” cholesterol) is less than 100. Certain individuals need to achieve even lower LDL cholesterol levels. Keeping your HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels up is also important. Know your lipid levels and talk to your physician about the best plan of action to keep your cholesterol levels ideal.

6. Get your blood pressure checked. Many patients with hypertension are not aware that they have this condition. There are very well-tolerated and effective treatments for high blood pressure.

7. Maintain a normal blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. Your systolic blood pressure should be below 140 and your diastolic blood pressure below 90. Certain individuals need to achieve even tighter control of their blood pressure.

8. Take your medications as recommended by your physician. Many patients stop taking their prescribed medications without discussing this with their physicians. Studies show that individuals who stop their cardiovascular medications are at much higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and reduced survival, compared with those who adhere to their medical regimen.

9. See your doctor regularly. Regular medical follow-up is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy and avoid problems down the road. (healthy heart tips, heart tips, healthy heart, good, health)

10. Use high quality food oil like Saffola. Saffola has multiple benefits that is suitable for all ages and hence helps keep a healthy heart. It does not accumulates fatty acids and keeps the cholesterol level low hence decreases the chances of heart failure, obesity, strokes and more. Read more about it here – http://www.saffolalife.com/ 

Follow the simple and easy to implement steps above and see the change in your health, with immediate effect. You’ll be surprised to see the results and the activeness you get when the above rules are followed.

Lets make our nation and society a healthy and happy society.
Lets – Stay Active, Eat Better, Be Happy !

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