I crave buffets!!! I love buffets!!! My friend treated me to this buffet joint , it was a experience in itself. From the onset it looked nothing like a buffet restaurant rather a village “nukkad” which was refreshing. We began with beet juice which was sweet and tangy. The place was decorated with 80-90’s bollywood movie posters , but the best part was the dance floor and the dj whipping out “lagawe tu lipistick” and people dancing their hearts out.  The staff organise various fun activities like dandia, musical chair, puppet show, dance practice etc to engage the diners and make it a fun atmosphere.

Coming to the food, the non veg starters were great especially the crispy fish. They had a plethora of veg options to choose from and in non veg they had a very delicious mutton rogan josh which stole my heart and pallate. Thank you for this amazing experience.

I’ll rate-
Food 4
Ambience 4
Staff behaviour 2
Space 5
Location 3.5

Pictures follow below-