Imagine how a kingdom’s emperor’s lifestyle would be..  A huge palace, elephants for a ride, lavish meals, a lush green garden for your walks, a grand chandelier in the living room, or infact the grandest of things in every room.

Now imagine living this life! Yeah, like a fairy tale isn’t it ?
But you can actually live a king/queen’s royal life.. have all these fancy things in real.

Jaipur is a land of royals, and has many royal style hotels. I happened to visit this fascinating city and had to choose a luxury hotel for stay. With multiple suggestions and recommendations, we zeroed down to Hotel Rambagh Palace.

Few pictures I clicked while traveling from the Jaipur airport to our hotel —

And here we were. At our royal stay. One look, & I tried to catch my breath, my jaw dropped, and I instantly felt like the king of the world ! Ladies & Gentleman, here is the first picture of our hotel, Hotel Rambagh palace —


Catches your fancy, isnt it?

We had one of the warmest welcomes ever. We were greeted with kumkum, garland, and a nice local drink. We were escorted to our room, which was on first floor. I was feeling royal all the way walking towards the room. Now, the room. Here you go, the picture of our room. Imagine yourself here —


The service of the hotel, and the coutesy of staff is beyond everything. Its in the blood of Rajputs to treat their guests as god, and I experienced it that day.

After relaxing in our kingsize and king style bed, and enjoying shower in the most unique bathroom I’ve ever seen, we head towards satisfying our hunger buds. Trust me, this place kept me surprising ! The view of the dining area was royal in true words and spirits.

The hotel is unique not just in ambience and food, but in almost everything you can imagine. Right from the grand pool, to the royal horse cart, and also the doors and windows with beautifully intricate paintings. The more I say, the less it is !

Few more captures from my stay at Rambagh Palace —

I have been blessed with staying at some of the worlds most beautiful hotels. This one really captured my heart because of its history and grandeur. From the food to the service to the ambience, everything was beyond my expectations. A must see and stay hotel.

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