Kanakgiri is a famous Jain temple in Karnataka, close to Bangalore (200 km). The moolnayak idol is of Parshwanath bhagwan, and this temple is also famous because it is the only Siddakshetra in South India. Kanakagiri is the only place among Jain centers providing relief for the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu. It is described in the Jaina scriptures as Kalasarpadosha.

Search SHRI KSHETRA KANAKGIRI on Gogle maps and it will take you to the exact location.

This temple is 200 km from Bangalore, the the drive time is 3 to 4 hours. The road is good. If you are arriving by your own vehicle, you can even take your car all the way up to the temple, if there are elders with you and cannot climb stairs. The car goes till outside the main gate.

The main idol is of Lord Parshwanath which looks beautiful. There are more temples in the campus, and even outside the campus on the hill. There is also a huge beautiful standing idol of Bahubali bhagwan in the middle.
There are 24 red marble toks stretched upto the adjoining hill that gives a beautiful panorama look.


There are around 350 stairs and the climb time Is not more than half n hour. Remember, the temple closes at 6pm.img_20170226_182724img_20170226_182455img_20170226_182340img_20170226_181657img_20170226_181649img_20170226_181622img_20170226_181606img_20170226_181609img_20170226_181612img_20170226_181617

Overall, KANAKGIRI is a nice jain teerth place and can be easily visited from Bangalore if you have your own vehicle.
There is dharamshala and Bhojnalaya below and the staff is very helpful and courteous. The temple is neat, and is currently under constructed to have more facilities for the devotees.