“Waking up late with bed milk and breakfast, my favorite dishes in lunch, loads of fruits and snacks till evening, then a sumptuous dinner, and ending the day with stories to make me sleep”  ~ Summing up my summer vacations at my Grandparents place when we were kids. Memories fresh as it was just yesterday. Oh those days !

We grew elder, times change, we all get busy with life. But one thing that remains the same is the love of our Grandparents for us. For our parents, we have become adults now, but for grandparents, we are still kids and need to be taken care at the most minimum possible level, which they would need more but don’t care.

Spending a few hours with them can never replace the years and years  they have dedicatedly taken care of us. But why hesitate in doing the smallest of the things that would make them smile?  Its time we celebrate the Grandparents Day (10th Sept) in a manner they will cherish, and make them feel how special they really are.

I’ve always celebrated this day with my grandparents every year and ensure I spend enough time in a memorable manner so they know what they mean to us. Previous year we went to a Live sports game in my city, which they really enjoyed, my grandfather being a sports player himself. A picture of that memory below –


This year, I’ve decided to make this day extra special by giving a surprise to them! I’ve planned a surprise get together of my grandfather’s friends at my home.

To begin with, my granny has already told me the friends and colleagues that were really close to my grandfather at work and other spheres of life. There are a few jogging friends who always meet him in the community park.  Also the friends from the temple, and few from the social clubs.

So the guestlist is ready. Next comes the food. We will make the best of dishes that my grandfather really love relishing upon, keeping in mind to keep the oil and sugar at low levels. Few items in the menu would be jalebi, rabdi, dahi ke kofte, aam panna and more..!

As a surprise, I’ve also made a slideshow of the old pictures of my grandparents, when they were young as us, till today, including our last family trip to Kanyakumari. That is surely going to be a pleasant surprise for him.

A long drive to the city’s biggest temple in the evening ending with having the whole family together and chit chatting, laughing at our home sweet home would be the perfect end for this beautiful day !

The preparations are done and I am sure this day would be remembered and cherished by my grandparents forever. All I am waiting for is the surprise in their eyes, and the smile on their face.

Lets all ensure to make this day special for our grandparents in a way that suits the best, and brings a smile on their faces. It will be a small token of our love and thanks for the great and uncountable things they have selflessly done for us in their lives. Its time to #LoveJatao to our forever caring grandparents.

Also, see, feel and share this video so that we understand how important one day with our grandparents can be, for them —


I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10,​ ​2017​ on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.