The title is a famous dialogue from the movie ‘Jab We Met’. I mean, imagine sweating in the sun with your mouth desert dry ~ take all those colas of the world, or juices, or shakes, or colorful sparkling drinks, but when you are thirsty, YOU NEED WATER ! A glass of chilled plain water !

Water is not just another drink, its a way of life in India. When guests arrive home, we welcome them with a glass of water. Hindu gods’ ‘Abhishek’ is done with special water and we touch that holy water to our eyes and forehead as a religious attachment to it. When someone is hurt, tired, sad ~ a glass of water is the first thing we offer them, it cools them down, and pulls them up. Such is the magic in water !


But alas, the value of this sacred element is realized only by a few. Come to my state Rajasthan, enter desert state Jaisalmer and see women walking miles carrying a pot of water.  An entire family has to survive on that one pot of water for a day!
But we the people in cities don’t care about it much. We have borewells and tanks of water in our socities with supply running 24×7, so who cares if we waste a litre of water, or 100 !
And that is the mindset we need to change. Water is a scarce resource and is ending soon. Every drop we waste today has to be borne by our coming generation. We don’t want to hand them over a world with limited resources, do we?

Lets quickly look at a few ways we can save water –>

-If you fill a glass of water to drink, dont leave any of it, drink it completely !
-If you still have to leave it, dont just throw the water in washbasin, use it to water the plants.
-Use the leftover water in glasses and bottles to fill a tumbler/bottle/glass. Remember, every drop is important.
-Use water wisely during brushing, shaving, bathing etc.
-Check for leaks periodically, fix if any. This saves water and your house too !
-One bucket of water is enough for your car wash.
-Use dishwasher / washing machine in the manner it is most efficient.
-Don’t waste electricity.
-Use efficient water purifer like of Livpure. These are smartly built purifiers that wastes minimum water and gives us a clean and pure water.

Saving water is not a one day task but should be inculcated as a daily habit. Our small steps daily will help conserve water in the long run and together we can create a healthy and happy world for us and our kids !

Many campaigns across the globe are being run to make people aware of the ways to conserve water. The current initiative by Livpure needs a special mention for its creativity! Watch the video of #CuttingPaani campaign here –

Isn’t this campaign really an eye opener? It surely is and is set to make a difference.

I’ve joined this campaign by signing the petition – Do sign too and share maximum !

Its time we come forward together as responsible citizens of the world and make each one aware of the tips to save water. Remember, every drop is precious !