It was an environment of anxiety and excitement at the crossroad –  the meeting point. I was one of those kinds, shy and introvert. I was sweating at the thought of spending next two days at unknown places with unknown people, having a similar anxiety as a girl and boy heading for arrange marriage, just with a different agenda 😉
“Its going to be okay” I kept saying myself.
We were heading to Sharavati valley with 10 other folks, unknown.

As expected, the beginning wasn’t quite quiet. The trip started and in a few minutes we were already laughing our asses off! Vikas had this unique idea of Dumb charades introduction that went for a while. I started to ease out.
I realized traveling with strangers has its own fun. From completely unknown to getting along, it just happens !

Being pushed to wake up early on weekends is something I hate. But our leader’s wake up call saw no retaliation. Like good kids, we were up instantly!

Serenity welcomed us. It felt peaceful to wake up in wilderness.
I realized that the world is open and it is on us to embrace it. It is on us whether we keep ourselves limited to the four walls or explore the vast horizon of this universe. And if we choose to do the latter, Travel is the answer.  

I was hungry. Both to explore and to eat. But well, Food comes First ! The on the spot cooked food gave us enough energy to begin the day and was like charging the battery to 100%.
I realized that this food is much better than what we get in expensive cafes or restaurants, that authentic taste !

Charged, excited and with our trekking pants on, amidst songs & jokes, we traveled deeper into the forest, into the unknown. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful beginning, an apt start. It gave us enough time to soak in the beauty around us. It was like a starter for a 3 course meal, just made us hungrier.


The next check point required us to cross farms and jungles with extra luggage like groceries, tents, mats – under the hot shining sun. Yes, challenging our own limits, going extremes and expanding our comfort zone is another agenda such treks has, that only makes us more stronger.
I realized travel is not just about sauna bath in luxurious hotels, it is about seeing a place at its roots, right there. Its about soaking the aura of a place and breathe in it, feel it.

The pursuit of water stream was like the pursuit of happiness, that kept us moving. And once we found it, and took a dive, it was nothing less than finding salvation !
I realized that water stream to be way beyond those cozy swimming pools that doesnt challenge you. This water stream had calmness, but showed us what being strong is, as it had cut through the toughest of the mountains !

IMG_20160312_181444643   IMG_20160312_181603393

Albeit a bit late, we reached our camping point. A vast open area with forests around and water stream flowing by, this was a perfect stop.
I felt that open jungle a better place than those customized parks. It was big yet humble. It was mammoth yet generous !

The trip had ended, or sorry, still left, as Vikram shared his ghostly encounters, with the darkness around as the perfect setting !
I found these conversations to be much better than those formal office talks, better than chatting on Whatsapp, better than social media.

It took me no time to realize that there is nobody a better teacher than traveling, nothing a better experience than to travel, and none a better companion than fellow travelers.

The world is celebrating traveling. And so is Lufthansa, with their #SayYesToTheWorld campaign. Check out the campaign here –

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Together, lets explore the world, lets be Open minded, lets Love the World, lets say YES to it ! Lets #SayYesToTheWorld !


“Traveling – It first leaves you speechless, then turns you into a Story-teller”