“Prince Bhaiya, please help me write the SOP (Statement of Purpose) na”. My 22 year old cousin Ayush called out, as he was planning to apply for Masters in States.

“Did you completed your VISA formalities?” I asked
“Yes. I have interview coming Friday” Ayush said.

“What about the university selection?” I inquired.
“I have opted for 3 top universities. Yale is my top priority” He was confident.

“And loan formalities, done?”
“Done” He chuckled !

“What about English preparation? Done?”
“English. umm yes.. actually no..” Ayush got confused.

Ayush’s English was good per Indian standards. But moving to an English country needs a different set of English skills – spoken and written both. And it is also an important admission criteria.

“Ok come here. Let me show you something about English Test” I opened my laptop and hit https://in.pearson.com/assessments-and-certifications/pte-academic.html


We browsed through the Pearson site and found that PTE is a widely accepted test in most major universities across the globe and also in Yale. Best part, their test center is right here in Delhi and the fees is only close to 11000 rs !
The flexible test dates, and also the assurance of getting results in 5 days made Ayush at ease.
But yes the main satisfaction was approval. There are hundreds of fake english test centers that are not authorized and a lot of students fall prey of them. But PTE is accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD, hence no question of integrity being compromised !
Also enough practice content was also available on the Pearson site itself – https://ptepractice.com/

Ayush didn’t wasted any more time and opted for PTE examination. He achieved 6.5 in the first attempt and was now more confident in traveling abroad as he knew he is now par with other candidates, infact better. The test assesses your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in 3 hours of time. He also told how interesting the test was and how smooth the whole process had been right from enrolling in the examination to getting the results.
I was happy to see Ayush more confident now!

Ayush also recommended PTE to his other friends struggling in same process. He advised them to take PTE examination, and increase the chances of getting in the best of the universities of the world !

Have a look at this video that makes us understand how PTE helps you realize your abroad dreams and make you say ~ #DefinitelyPTE

Pearson is a recommended test throughout the globe for English test. Not just that, they also have professional programs, placement tests, visa assistance and more services, that makes your abroad plans smoother and saves you from all those sleepless nights.

We say, #DefinitelyPTE  !