Well, the title says it all. Its a selfie world. Right from the youngest of kids you know, to the most famous of celebrities the world knows, everybody is busy taking and sharing selfies.
The girls are busy taking pout selfies, boys swag selfies, couples tongue-out selfies, groups groupfies, and aged ones are still figuring out how to take selfies !
So from “Ye Selfie Selfie kya hai ?” to Salman singing “Chal beta selfie le le re“, we have come a long way.

Girl : We went shopping today.
Boy :  Ok, what all you took?

Girl : 1 lipstick, 1 sandal and 75 selfies 😛

Selfie was “Word of the year” in Oxford dictionary in 2013. We have been taking for selfies for quite sometime now and this selfie craze is here to stay, yayy ! Selfies are not just for fun, but are indeed the best way to capture a moment forever. They are a window into your personality. They are more than a picture, they are a reflection of your self.

So I’ll be sharing a selfie that is very close to my heart. But a question before that
Which is the most comfortable place on earth?
-Bed of a 7 star hotel?
-A velvet sofa?
-A flowery pathway?
-AC room in hot summers or near a fireplace in chilling winters?

Ans : None of the above. Its A Mother’s Lap.

Isn’t that true? You go out on holidays with your friends, stay in luxurious resorts, eat lavish food but when you come back home, the comfort of resting in your mother’s lap and eating her hand made food is unmatchable.

So here is my million dollar selfie with Mom where I am having a luxurious comfortable relaxing moment in her lap while she poses for that selfie.

selfie with mummy

I live in Gurgaon for work and my family lives in Jaipur. I visit Mom every other weekend, and yes, I spend most of my time at home, fixing issues, repairing broken stuff, relishing on home food, buying monthly groceries and watching TV with Mom while resting on her laps. And this moment of the whole weekend trip is my favorite. And that is why I captured it and sharing it here.

How amazing it is, that a small moment can have so many emotions, so many feelings, so much of love, care and affection, and if you could capture all of that in one selfie, you are doing it just right !

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So don’t hesitate, take more selfies, share it with the world, live that moment forever and #EnjoyMore.
As I said, selfie is like chips, no one can take just one !