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Selfie – No one can take just one !

Well, the title says it all. Its a selfie world. Right from the youngest of kids you know, to the most famous of celebrities the world knows, everybody is busy taking and sharing selfies.
The girls are busy taking pout selfies, boys swag selfies, couples tongue-out selfies, groups groupfies, and aged ones are still figuring out how to take selfies !
So from “Ye Selfie Selfie kya hai ?” to Salman singing “Chal beta selfie le le re“, we have come a long way.

Girl : We went shopping today.
Boy :  Ok, what all you took?

Girl : 1 lipstick, 1 sandal and 75 selfies 😛

Selfie was “Word of the year” in Oxford dictionary in 2013. We have been taking for selfies for quite sometime now and this selfie craze is here to stay, yayy ! Selfies are not just for fun, but are indeed the best way to capture a moment forever. They are a window into your personality. They are more than a picture, they are a reflection of your self.

So I’ll be sharing a selfie that is very close to my heart. But a question before that
Which is the most comfortable place on earth?
-Bed of a 7 star hotel?
-A velvet sofa?
-A flowery pathway?
-AC room in hot summers or near a fireplace in chilling winters?

Ans : None of the above. Its A Mother’s Lap.

Isn’t that true? You go out on holidays with your friends, stay in luxurious resorts, eat lavish food but when you come back home, the comfort of resting in your mother’s lap and eating her hand made food is unmatchable.

So here is my million dollar selfie with Mom where I am having a luxurious comfortable relaxing moment in her lap while she poses for that selfie.

selfie with mummy

I live in Gurgaon for work and my family lives in Jaipur. I visit Mom every other weekend, and yes, I spend most of my time at home, fixing issues, repairing broken stuff, relishing on home food, buying monthly groceries and watching TV with Mom while resting on her laps. And this moment of the whole weekend trip is my favorite. And that is why I captured it and sharing it here.

How amazing it is, that a small moment can have so many emotions, so many feelings, so much of love, care and affection, and if you could capture all of that in one selfie, you are doing it just right !

And to take selfies that are just right, you need the camera that is just right, or infact, just the right phone for that matter. Mobiistar is set to expand its roots in India and has brought a really cool flagship phone that is offering front, dual Selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot for the perfect Selfie experience. Snapdragon processor, long lasting battery, great aesthetics, enough storage and attractive looks means that Mobiistar is here to stay, or rather rule !

Hit this link to know more about Mobiistar phone :
Buy it on Flipkart by clicking this link : Mobiistar on Flipkart

So don’t hesitate, take more selfies, share it with the world, live that moment forever and #EnjoyMore.
As I said, selfie is like chips, no one can take just one !


Perfect, Too Good, Excellent ~ #DefinitelyPTE

“Prince Bhaiya, please help me write the SOP (Statement of Purpose) na”. My 22 year old cousin Ayush called out, as he was planning to apply for Masters in States.

“Did you completed your VISA formalities?” I asked
“Yes. I have interview coming Friday” Ayush said.

“What about the university selection?” I inquired.
“I have opted for 3 top universities. Yale is my top priority” He was confident.

“And loan formalities, done?”
“Done” He chuckled !

“What about English preparation? Done?”
“English. umm yes.. actually no..” Ayush got confused.

Ayush’s English was good per Indian standards. But moving to an English country needs a different set of English skills – spoken and written both. And it is also an important admission criteria.

“Ok come here. Let me show you something about English Test” I opened my laptop and hit


We browsed through the Pearson site and found that PTE is a widely accepted test in most major universities across the globe and also in Yale. Best part, their test center is right here in Delhi and the fees is only close to 11000 rs !
The flexible test dates, and also the assurance of getting results in 5 days made Ayush at ease.
But yes the main satisfaction was approval. There are hundreds of fake english test centers that are not authorized and a lot of students fall prey of them. But PTE is accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD, hence no question of integrity being compromised !
Also enough practice content was also available on the Pearson site itself –

Ayush didn’t wasted any more time and opted for PTE examination. He achieved 6.5 in the first attempt and was now more confident in traveling abroad as he knew he is now par with other candidates, infact better. The test assesses your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in 3 hours of time. He also told how interesting the test was and how smooth the whole process had been right from enrolling in the examination to getting the results.
I was happy to see Ayush more confident now!

Ayush also recommended PTE to his other friends struggling in same process. He advised them to take PTE examination, and increase the chances of getting in the best of the universities of the world !

Have a look at this video that makes us understand how PTE helps you realize your abroad dreams and make you say ~ #DefinitelyPTE

Pearson is a recommended test throughout the globe for English test. Not just that, they also have professional programs, placement tests, visa assistance and more services, that makes your abroad plans smoother and saves you from all those sleepless nights.

We say, #DefinitelyPTE  !


Hello World, its a Yes !

It was an environment of anxiety and excitement at the crossroad –  the meeting point. I was one of those kinds, shy and introvert. I was sweating at the thought of spending next two days at unknown places with unknown people, having a similar anxiety as a girl and boy heading for arrange marriage, just with a different agenda 😉
“Its going to be okay” I kept saying myself.
We were heading to Sharavati valley with 10 other folks, unknown.

As expected, the beginning wasn’t quite quiet. The trip started and in a few minutes we were already laughing our asses off! Vikas had this unique idea of Dumb charades introduction that went for a while. I started to ease out.
I realized traveling with strangers has its own fun. From completely unknown to getting along, it just happens !

Being pushed to wake up early on weekends is something I hate. But our leader’s wake up call saw no retaliation. Like good kids, we were up instantly!

Serenity welcomed us. It felt peaceful to wake up in wilderness.
I realized that the world is open and it is on us to embrace it. It is on us whether we keep ourselves limited to the four walls or explore the vast horizon of this universe. And if we choose to do the latter, Travel is the answer.  

I was hungry. Both to explore and to eat. But well, Food comes First ! The on the spot cooked food gave us enough energy to begin the day and was like charging the battery to 100%.
I realized that this food is much better than what we get in expensive cafes or restaurants, that authentic taste !

Charged, excited and with our trekking pants on, amidst songs & jokes, we traveled deeper into the forest, into the unknown. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful beginning, an apt start. It gave us enough time to soak in the beauty around us. It was like a starter for a 3 course meal, just made us hungrier.


The next check point required us to cross farms and jungles with extra luggage like groceries, tents, mats – under the hot shining sun. Yes, challenging our own limits, going extremes and expanding our comfort zone is another agenda such treks has, that only makes us more stronger.
I realized travel is not just about sauna bath in luxurious hotels, it is about seeing a place at its roots, right there. Its about soaking the aura of a place and breathe in it, feel it.

The pursuit of water stream was like the pursuit of happiness, that kept us moving. And once we found it, and took a dive, it was nothing less than finding salvation !
I realized that water stream to be way beyond those cozy swimming pools that doesnt challenge you. This water stream had calmness, but showed us what being strong is, as it had cut through the toughest of the mountains !

IMG_20160312_181444643   IMG_20160312_181603393

Albeit a bit late, we reached our camping point. A vast open area with forests around and water stream flowing by, this was a perfect stop.
I felt that open jungle a better place than those customized parks. It was big yet humble. It was mammoth yet generous !

The trip had ended, or sorry, still left, as Vikram shared his ghostly encounters, with the darkness around as the perfect setting !
I found these conversations to be much better than those formal office talks, better than chatting on Whatsapp, better than social media.

It took me no time to realize that there is nobody a better teacher than traveling, nothing a better experience than to travel, and none a better companion than fellow travelers.

The world is celebrating traveling. And so is Lufthansa, with their #SayYesToTheWorld campaign. Check out the campaign here –

Also, check out this beautiful video below –

Together, lets explore the world, lets be Open minded, lets Love the World, lets say YES to it ! Lets #SayYesToTheWorld !


“Traveling – It first leaves you speechless, then turns you into a Story-teller”

Pani ka kaam pani hi karta hai !

The title is a famous dialogue from the movie ‘Jab We Met’. I mean, imagine sweating in the sun with your mouth desert dry ~ take all those colas of the world, or juices, or shakes, or colorful sparkling drinks, but when you are thirsty, YOU NEED WATER ! A glass of chilled plain water !

Water is not just another drink, its a way of life in India. When guests arrive home, we welcome them with a glass of water. Hindu gods’ ‘Abhishek’ is done with special water and we touch that holy water to our eyes and forehead as a religious attachment to it. When someone is hurt, tired, sad ~ a glass of water is the first thing we offer them, it cools them down, and pulls them up. Such is the magic in water !


But alas, the value of this sacred element is realized only by a few. Come to my state Rajasthan, enter desert state Jaisalmer and see women walking miles carrying a pot of water.  An entire family has to survive on that one pot of water for a day!
But we the people in cities don’t care about it much. We have borewells and tanks of water in our socities with supply running 24×7, so who cares if we waste a litre of water, or 100 !
And that is the mindset we need to change. Water is a scarce resource and is ending soon. Every drop we waste today has to be borne by our coming generation. We don’t want to hand them over a world with limited resources, do we?

Lets quickly look at a few ways we can save water –>

-If you fill a glass of water to drink, dont leave any of it, drink it completely !
-If you still have to leave it, dont just throw the water in washbasin, use it to water the plants.
-Use the leftover water in glasses and bottles to fill a tumbler/bottle/glass. Remember, every drop is important.
-Use water wisely during brushing, shaving, bathing etc.
-Check for leaks periodically, fix if any. This saves water and your house too !
-One bucket of water is enough for your car wash.
-Use dishwasher / washing machine in the manner it is most efficient.
-Don’t waste electricity.
-Use efficient water purifer like of Livpure. These are smartly built purifiers that wastes minimum water and gives us a clean and pure water.

Saving water is not a one day task but should be inculcated as a daily habit. Our small steps daily will help conserve water in the long run and together we can create a healthy and happy world for us and our kids !

Many campaigns across the globe are being run to make people aware of the ways to conserve water. The current initiative by Livpure needs a special mention for its creativity! Watch the video of #CuttingPaani campaign here –

Isn’t this campaign really an eye opener? It surely is and is set to make a difference.

I’ve joined this campaign by signing the petition – Do sign too and share maximum !

Its time we come forward together as responsible citizens of the world and make each one aware of the tips to save water. Remember, every drop is precious !


Khao piyo aish karo, thoda push karo aur Healthy raho!

I am one of those who decides to get up early and go jogging but snooze twice to realize its too late and straight away rush for office. I am also one of those who plan a diet for a week but eat only what is tastier, including high cholesterol stuff fast food. Have you heard of a guy who pays yearly gym membership but go only for first month or so? Thats so me.

A correction here. That WAS so me. With strong determination and a few small steps, I’ve started living a healthier life. And so can you. Read on…

First things first. There is no need to completely forcefully change your active lifestyle to be healthy. Some small  steps can be taken which can do wonders and ensure you have a active body, a healthy heart and a happy you ! Lets go through a few small initiatives and apply in our daily schedule that shall go a long way in keeping you fit and active.

Exercise regularly
Make sure that every week you aim for five 30-minute sessions of an activity that can involve simple exercises even sitting at work or while watching your fav cricket match on TV. Get up from that couch and start right away !

Drink carefully
Excessive alcohol has severe damaging effects on the heart: It increases the risk of heart diseases, raises blood pressure, and is very calorific. No we are not asking you to stop drinking completely, but make sure that it is in limits.

Stop smoking
Smoking doubles your risk of heart disease, and it affects your body badly. Smoking can be replaced by Nicorette or e-cigarettes, or even healthier alternatives like fruit juices.

 Eat healthy
Certainly the most exciting way for all the foodies in the house, healthy eating is the best way to be fit and active.
-Eat at least a small amount of fruit and veg a day.
-Opt for wholegrain carbohydrates such as brown bread or rice rather than sugary ones
-Include some milk, meat, fish and eggs in your meal
-Minimize salt intake,  and also avoid high levels of fat and sugar: together they can dramatically increase your heart disease risk.
-Opt for high quality vegetable oils like Saffola.

SAFFOLA is a great healthy option that has multiple benefits. Lets have a look at few-

1. Contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that prove to be healthy since they prevent cancer and heart diseases.

2. This oil is known to have double the antioxidant power than that of olive oil. It is the perfect choice of oil for Indian cooking.

3. Saffola has a specially designed antioxidant system that can withstand high temperatures and help in preventing the formation of harmful free radicals.

4. According to lab studies, Saffola has around 20 percent lower absorption capacity than soybean oil, keeping your food healthier.

Undoubtedly, careful and correct eating coupled with regular exercise and an active lifestyle will keep you fit, and in the best of your health. So lets join the momentum, ensure we and our families follow the steps above, be fit and stay active. Afterall, a Healthy family is a Happy family !

Watch out this cute video that has a clear message : “Health Muskhil nahi, bas thoda push karo”

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy !  


My plans to #LoveJatao this Grandparents day, in style.

“Waking up late with bed milk and breakfast, my favorite dishes in lunch, loads of fruits and snacks till evening, then a sumptuous dinner, and ending the day with stories to make me sleep”  ~ Summing up my summer vacations at my Grandparents place when we were kids. Memories fresh as it was just yesterday. Oh those days !

We grew elder, times change, we all get busy with life. But one thing that remains the same is the love of our Grandparents for us. For our parents, we have become adults now, but for grandparents, we are still kids and need to be taken care at the most minimum possible level, which they would need more but don’t care.

Spending a few hours with them can never replace the years and years  they have dedicatedly taken care of us. But why hesitate in doing the smallest of the things that would make them smile?  Its time we celebrate the Grandparents Day (10th Sept) in a manner they will cherish, and make them feel how special they really are.

I’ve always celebrated this day with my grandparents every year and ensure I spend enough time in a memorable manner so they know what they mean to us. Previous year we went to a Live sports game in my city, which they really enjoyed, my grandfather being a sports player himself. A picture of that memory below –


This year, I’ve decided to make this day extra special by giving a surprise to them! I’ve planned a surprise get together of my grandfather’s friends at my home.

To begin with, my granny has already told me the friends and colleagues that were really close to my grandfather at work and other spheres of life. There are a few jogging friends who always meet him in the community park.  Also the friends from the temple, and few from the social clubs.

So the guestlist is ready. Next comes the food. We will make the best of dishes that my grandfather really love relishing upon, keeping in mind to keep the oil and sugar at low levels. Few items in the menu would be jalebi, rabdi, dahi ke kofte, aam panna and more..!

As a surprise, I’ve also made a slideshow of the old pictures of my grandparents, when they were young as us, till today, including our last family trip to Kanyakumari. That is surely going to be a pleasant surprise for him.

A long drive to the city’s biggest temple in the evening ending with having the whole family together and chit chatting, laughing at our home sweet home would be the perfect end for this beautiful day !

The preparations are done and I am sure this day would be remembered and cherished by my grandparents forever. All I am waiting for is the surprise in their eyes, and the smile on their face.

Lets all ensure to make this day special for our grandparents in a way that suits the best, and brings a smile on their faces. It will be a small token of our love and thanks for the great and uncountable things they have selflessly done for us in their lives. Its time to #LoveJatao to our forever caring grandparents.

Also, see, feel and share this video so that we understand how important one day with our grandparents can be, for them —


I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10,​ ​2017​ on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Learning English a unique way with Nihar Amla

Learning a new language had always be fun, but equally challenging. I remember years down the line when I used to be a kid and it used to be starting days of my school, it was really difficult learning the new characters and their different forms. What used to be more challenging was the pronunciation, and the various forms. Add grammar to it and it just felt like a dancing demon which you can hate but not ignore.

The classroom session session used to be real strict with assignments, exams, notebooks, books, and what not. The teachers used to ask questions in between classes and it used to be an embarrassing moment for me since I wasnt that quick in learning 😦

I really wished at that time if there could be a fun way of leaning English. A way that giggles you, makes you laugh, teaches you with real life conversations and is super convenient at fingertips. A way where you can learn on the go, in your playground, while sitting on your terrace swing, or even a quick session before sleeping.

Fancy all this? Nihar Shanti Amla’s ‘Pathshala Funwala’ initiative is that step. Lets know more about this –


Fasten your seat belt, Dial the toll free number 8055667788, give a missed call and get set for an adventure journey. Specially meant for kids, but this initiative teaches all kids, and adults alike.

The IVR welcomes you with a lovely Jingle that will surely make the kids go giggle. It then proceeds with conversations and helps understand how to use english in real life. It is a great way to make any new learner understand how to make use of different phrases, words and sentences in actual scenarios. This is way better than classroom learnings that focuses on exam patterns, but this focuses on real life situations.

So, lets ensure that every person makes use of this toll free no 8055667788 which is a great initiative by Nihar Shanti Amla. This unique concept is called as ‘Pathshala Funwala’ and is already a huge hit amongst kids and the families who were looking for a fun way of teaching english to their kids.

Vidya Balan recently launched this initiative, look at the link below to find more and the video –

Lets spread more about this new idea and the toll free no 8055667788 to all people we know and make sure it reaches everyone who needs it. Thanks Nihar Amla for bringing this for all walks of the society.

I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda


Learning English the fun way, with Nihar

It was a fine weekend when I was teaching  Mom how to use Whatsapp. Relatively new, she was enjoying the fun things of DP, status, groups and more ! And that is when our maid came for regular services, but she also brought her daughter today since nobody was at her home.

Neha, a 10 year old sweet little kid, with curly hair and rolling eyes seemed all shy when visiting us for the first time. To make her comfortable, Mom gave the mobile to her to play.
Now usually kids of this age are well equipped with all smartphone features and they handle it like a pro, but not Neha. She looked at it like an alien thing and in the fear of wrecking it, left it and hid her behind her mother.

Curious me, asked my maid if she knows how to use smartphones. My maid got a little upset and told that since Neha studies in government school, and “Waha Kaha English sikhate hai” (Ofcourse no English is taught there).

I had another look at Neha. She had zeal in her eyes. Hiding behind her mother she was still looking at the phone from a distance. It was depressing that it this age and technology kids are not learning English which is so much needed for future development. I further learned that Neha is a brilliant kid and is very smart in other activities like art & craft. It seemed a crime to let this happen.

I immediately went close to her and gave her the smartphone and asked if she wants to learn more. She nodded with curiosity.  I explained basic features of smartphone, and also taught her how to use camera, even took a selfie with her !

But to ensure that learning continues, I informed our maid about the Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788. You call the number and it starts with a lovely Jingle ! It looks to be a fun and beautiful way to learn English. I gave Neha my phone and headphones and she enjoyed listening and learning. She giggled most of the times and it was a delightful sight!

I saved the Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788 in my maid’s phone and asked her to set a timetable for Neha to learn English. She was happy because Neha looked to be enjoying this fun way of learning and it came at no cost at all !

Lets together educate all such kids we come across and save the Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788 on their parents  phone and inform them of this great initiative so that no kid/young/adult is left out and we help making our society & our nation a developed one !

I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda


Bangalore to Kanakgiri by car

Kanakgiri is a famous Jain temple in Karnataka, close to Bangalore (200 km). The moolnayak idol is of Parshwanath bhagwan, and this temple is also famous because it is the only Siddakshetra in South India. Kanakagiri is the only place among Jain centers providing relief for the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu. It is described in the Jaina scriptures as Kalasarpadosha.

Search SHRI KSHETRA KANAKGIRI on Gogle maps and it will take you to the exact location.

This temple is 200 km from Bangalore, the the drive time is 3 to 4 hours. The road is good. If you are arriving by your own vehicle, you can even take your car all the way up to the temple, if there are elders with you and cannot climb stairs. The car goes till outside the main gate.

The main idol is of Lord Parshwanath which looks beautiful. There are more temples in the campus, and even outside the campus on the hill. There is also a huge beautiful standing idol of Bahubali bhagwan in the middle.
There are 24 red marble toks stretched upto the adjoining hill that gives a beautiful panorama look.


There are around 350 stairs and the climb time Is not more than half n hour. Remember, the temple closes at 6pm.img_20170226_182724img_20170226_182455img_20170226_182340img_20170226_181657img_20170226_181649img_20170226_181622img_20170226_181606img_20170226_181609img_20170226_181612img_20170226_181617

Overall, KANAKGIRI is a nice jain teerth place and can be easily visited from Bangalore if you have your own vehicle.
There is dharamshala and Bhojnalaya below and the staff is very helpful and courteous. The temple is neat, and is currently under constructed to have more facilities for the devotees.

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