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Learning English a unique way with Nihar Amla

Learning a new language had always be fun, but equally challenging. I remember years down the line when I used to be a kid and it used to be starting days of my school, it was really difficult learning the new characters and their different forms. What used to be more challenging was the pronunciation, and the various forms. Add grammar to it and it just felt like a dancing demon which you can hate but not ignore.

The classroom session session used to be real strict with assignments, exams, notebooks, books, and what not. The teachers used to ask questions in between classes and it used to be an embarrassing moment for me since I wasnt that quick in learning 😦

I really wished at that time if there could be a fun way of leaning English. A way that giggles you, makes you laugh, teaches you with real life conversations and is super convenient at fingertips. A way where you can learn on the go, in your playground, while sitting on your terrace swing, or even a quick session before sleeping.

Fancy all this? Nihar Shanti Amla’s ‘Pathshala Funwala’ initiative is that step. Lets know more about this –


Fasten your seat belt, Dial the toll free number 8055667788, give a missed call and get set for an adventure journey. Specially meant for kids, but this initiative teaches all kids, and adults alike.

The IVR welcomes you with a lovely Jingle that will surely make the kids go giggle. It then proceeds with conversations and helps understand how to use english in real life. It is a great way to make any new learner understand how to make use of different phrases, words and sentences in actual scenarios. This is way better than classroom learnings that focuses on exam patterns, but this focuses on real life situations.

So, lets ensure that every person makes use of this toll free no 8055667788 which is a great initiative by Nihar Shanti Amla. This unique concept is called as ‘Pathshala Funwala’ and is already a huge hit amongst kids and the families who were looking for a fun way of teaching english to their kids.

Vidya Balan recently launched this initiative, look at the link below to find more and the video –

Lets spread more about this new idea and the toll free no 8055667788 to all people we know and make sure it reaches everyone who needs it. Thanks Nihar Amla for bringing this for all walks of the society.

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Learning English the fun way, with Nihar

It was a fine weekend when I was teaching  Mom how to use Whatsapp. Relatively new, she was enjoying the fun things of DP, status, groups and more ! And that is when our maid came for regular services, but she also brought her daughter today since nobody was at her home.

Neha, a 10 year old sweet little kid, with curly hair and rolling eyes seemed all shy when visiting us for the first time. To make her comfortable, Mom gave the mobile to her to play.
Now usually kids of this age are well equipped with all smartphone features and they handle it like a pro, but not Neha. She looked at it like an alien thing and in the fear of wrecking it, left it and hid her behind her mother.

Curious me, asked my maid if she knows how to use smartphones. My maid got a little upset and told that since Neha studies in government school, and “Waha Kaha English sikhate hai” (Ofcourse no English is taught there).

I had another look at Neha. She had zeal in her eyes. Hiding behind her mother she was still looking at the phone from a distance. It was depressing that it this age and technology kids are not learning English which is so much needed for future development. I further learned that Neha is a brilliant kid and is very smart in other activities like art & craft. It seemed a crime to let this happen.

I immediately went close to her and gave her the smartphone and asked if she wants to learn more. She nodded with curiosity.  I explained basic features of smartphone, and also taught her how to use camera, even took a selfie with her !

But to ensure that learning continues, I informed our maid about the Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788. You call the number and it starts with a lovely Jingle ! It looks to be a fun and beautiful way to learn English. I gave Neha my phone and headphones and she enjoyed listening and learning. She giggled most of the times and it was a delightful sight!

I saved the Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788 in my maid’s phone and asked her to set a timetable for Neha to learn English. She was happy because Neha looked to be enjoying this fun way of learning and it came at no cost at all !

Lets together educate all such kids we come across and save the Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788 on their parents  phone and inform them of this great initiative so that no kid/young/adult is left out and we help making our society & our nation a developed one !

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Bangalore to Kanakgiri by car

Kanakgiri is a famous Jain temple in Karnataka, close to Bangalore (200 km). The moolnayak idol is of Parshwanath bhagwan, and this temple is also famous because it is the only Siddakshetra in South India. Kanakagiri is the only place among Jain centers providing relief for the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu. It is described in the Jaina scriptures as Kalasarpadosha.

Search SHRI KSHETRA KANAKGIRI on Gogle maps and it will take you to the exact location.

This temple is 200 km from Bangalore, the the drive time is 3 to 4 hours. The road is good. If you are arriving by your own vehicle, you can even take your car all the way up to the temple, if there are elders with you and cannot climb stairs. The car goes till outside the main gate.

The main idol is of Lord Parshwanath which looks beautiful. There are more temples in the campus, and even outside the campus on the hill. There is also a huge beautiful standing idol of Bahubali bhagwan in the middle.
There are 24 red marble toks stretched upto the adjoining hill that gives a beautiful panorama look.


There are around 350 stairs and the climb time Is not more than half n hour. Remember, the temple closes at 6pm.img_20170226_182724img_20170226_182455img_20170226_182340img_20170226_181657img_20170226_181649img_20170226_181622img_20170226_181606img_20170226_181609img_20170226_181612img_20170226_181617

Overall, KANAKGIRI is a nice jain teerth place and can be easily visited from Bangalore if you have your own vehicle.
There is dharamshala and Bhojnalaya below and the staff is very helpful and courteous. The temple is neat, and is currently under constructed to have more facilities for the devotees.

The royal & luxury at best – Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Imagine how a kingdom’s emperor’s lifestyle would be..  A huge palace, elephants for a ride, lavish meals, a lush green garden for your walks, a grand chandelier in the living room, or infact the grandest of things in every room.

Now imagine living this life! Yeah, like a fairy tale isn’t it ?
But you can actually live a king/queen’s royal life.. have all these fancy things in real.

Jaipur is a land of royals, and has many royal style hotels. I happened to visit this fascinating city and had to choose a luxury hotel for stay. With multiple suggestions and recommendations, we zeroed down to Hotel Rambagh Palace.

Few pictures I clicked while traveling from the Jaipur airport to our hotel —

And here we were. At our royal stay. One look, & I tried to catch my breath, my jaw dropped, and I instantly felt like the king of the world ! Ladies & Gentleman, here is the first picture of our hotel, Hotel Rambagh palace —


Catches your fancy, isnt it?

We had one of the warmest welcomes ever. We were greeted with kumkum, garland, and a nice local drink. We were escorted to our room, which was on first floor. I was feeling royal all the way walking towards the room. Now, the room. Here you go, the picture of our room. Imagine yourself here —


The service of the hotel, and the coutesy of staff is beyond everything. Its in the blood of Rajputs to treat their guests as god, and I experienced it that day.

After relaxing in our kingsize and king style bed, and enjoying shower in the most unique bathroom I’ve ever seen, we head towards satisfying our hunger buds. Trust me, this place kept me surprising ! The view of the dining area was royal in true words and spirits.

The hotel is unique not just in ambience and food, but in almost everything you can imagine. Right from the grand pool, to the royal horse cart, and also the doors and windows with beautifully intricate paintings. The more I say, the less it is !

Few more captures from my stay at Rambagh Palace —

I have been blessed with staying at some of the worlds most beautiful hotels. This one really captured my heart because of its history and grandeur. From the food to the service to the ambience, everything was beyond my expectations. A must see and stay hotel.

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Get your passport in 10 days! Know the right process.

Are you one of those who believe that getting a passport is a hassle? Who are actually afraid of even initiating Passport application? Does the thought of getting into police verification makes you afraid? Do you think the passport interview would be more tough than your next job interview?

I used to be one among you. But no more, I finally shed all my fears, applied for passport, and got it within 10 days ! Yes you read it right, in 10 days I had my passport. And no, I didnt went to any agent, neither have any contacts to get it done faster. I did it all by myself, without any aid, thanks to the superfast transparent passport system now a days.

Still wondering how ? Let me explain —

First, create your profile in passport seva, just like you would do in FB or twitter. Link is

Then, login to your profile, click “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport

You can either fill the form online or download and it it at your own ease. I recommend the latter.  Click here to download the soft copy of the form

Unzip the file you have just got. This has a pdf file that is the form you have to fill.

Lets look at the various fields —

Applying for : Fresh Passport
Type of application : Normal
Type of booklet : 30 for 1500 rs, 60 for 2000 rs
Known by other name : Depends on individual, usually No
Ever changed your name : Depends on individual, usually No
Place of Birth : Depends on individual, usually No
Marital Status
Citizen of India : By birth
Employment type
Is parent a govt servant?
Educational Qualification : Depends on individual, usually Graduate and above
Eligible for non-ECR category : Usually YES.
Distinguishing Mark
Adhaar No
Give Family details
Is present address out of India : No
Permanent address same as present address : No
Emergency contact details : Dont give no of your parents, give details of your roommates/colleagues
References : You can give 1 reference of your landlord / PG owner and another of your colleague/office persons/neighbor if they know you well
Have you held/ hold any diplomatic/ official passport?  : No
Have you ever applied for passport, but not issued? : No
Other details : All of them NO
Click I AGREE, give Place, and date.

Click Validate and Save. This will ask a location, give location. This saves your file in XML format of around 8-10 kb. Dont worry, this is the right format passport application is uploaded in website.

Once you upload, it will ask for PAY AND SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT. The payment portals are fast and within minutes you’ll pay the amount (1500 or 2000). They’ll ask if you want to avail SMS services worth 40 rs. I’ll say its good and go for it, as this will keep sending you SMS on your application status, which is worth knowing. If you do not subscribe for this, you can anytime login to your profile and check the status.

Pick any convenient date, pick your nearest PSK, and schedule the appointment. Now wait for the big day to arrive.

Lets talk about documents now–

For DOB proof — provide your 10th & 12th marksheet and migration certificate (keep handy)
For ID proof — provide your PAN Card, or Adhaar card
For address proof  — provide your bank passbook that has same addressing running for not less than 1 year (if you dont have, get into a joint account with a friend who has one) OR a letter from your office that says this employee is residing on this address since these many years OR/AND an affidavit that says the same (get one made from BDA complex, Domlur).
Keep these docs along — Your degree certificate, rental agreement, Office ID card,  driving license, or anything that can be an identity proof.

Yes, if you are born in or after 1989, you need to get birth certificate with your name on it. Not sure of complete process of getting that done though.

Complete list here –

Big day preparation:

First, dont be late, infact be there before time. Secondly, ensure to pick all possible documents you have. Thirdly, do not panic. Fourthly, ensure to take out the print out of application form, no xerox required.
Also, ensure you take one set of xerox of all things you have in originals. Even the xerox of your company ID Card. Also,  carry all originals, leave nothing behind. There is no requirement of taking passport size photographs.

In bangalore, PSK is at two places – one near marathahalli, other near kormangla.

As you enter the premisis, you see a guard at the gate. Tell him what you are there for (passport application form) and he’ll tell you one counter. Stand in queue at the designated counter. Once you no comes, provide the executive all the documents (only xerox, not originals) he is asking for. These guys are quick, so you have to be attentive. Once he is okay with all docs, he’ll ask you to wait.
Few minutes later, you name will be called out, and you’ll be handed over a file of your application docs. This also contains your token no which you have to remember throught the process. You’ll be asked to go to the main hall.

Main Hall

Before you enter the  hall, read the display that has the token no and the counter no against it. Once your no gets displayed, go inside the hall to the respective counter. There are 3 counter – A, B,  C. Reach the counter no in A category first and wait for your turn.
Here you’ll be asked for your application form, taken a picture, taken the thumb and finger impressions and sent to counter B. Counter B is the place where your documents will be verified. The person will be helpful and if he is not satisfied with any of your docs, will ask you for alternate documents. If you are missing any xerox, you’ll be sent to counter A1 for getting so.
Once done, wait for your no again for Counter  C. Thats the last place for final verification. You might also be asked to go to passport officer cabin for any special check (not to be afraid of, she/he is very polite and helpful). Once all counters done, look at the status in your receipt, if it says GRANTED, you should say thankyou to the last counter executive 🙂

You’ll be asked to fill feedback at exit, and take the receipt home. Once you go out exit, you are out of the main building and cannot come back. So if you have any questions, ask before you are out.
Ok, so you have cleared LEVEL 1 of Passport application. You must have received an SMS saying the same. Go home, sleep without worries !


Next day or two , check your application status in passport website It should say about Police verification pending. Fret not, Police will come to your present address and you need to be present with all the documents, originals and one set of xerox, along with one passport size photograph. They’ll call you a couple of hours before they arrive.
If you are not available when the police calls, tell them sorry and ask a time when you can go to police station to get the verification completed. Go to your police station and ensure to carry all originals, one xerox, one photograph. If you live in a PG, also get a letter saying that this person is living in this PG since this date and has no criminal records, with the PG Reg ID, and owner signature. (If there is no ID, tell this to the police and ask for alternative).

The police would be very cooperative and ask for your docs. After complete verification, they’ll take your picture, your signature and signature’s picture. Once they write CLEARED on the first page, you should say THANKYOU SIR with a big smile 🙂

Wait a day or two. You should receive an SMS saying that police verification cleared and your passport is in printing. Thats the time there is no more to worry about at all ! In a day or two, you shall receive another SMS saying that your passport is dispatched. Quickly login to your passport profile and see the status. from there, copy the Consignment no and track it here —

Find out the post office where your passport has reached from this page. You need to be physically present at your present address where the postman will deliver your passport. If its not possible for you to stay and wait for whole day, call the post office and tell your area and ask for your postman’s number. They’ll give you without any issue since its passport matter. Call your postman, check with him when he’ll come and  be there at that time.

Get your passport from postman, sign on the page, and Remember, say THANKYOU to him.

You have finally got your passport, and without any much hassle. The whole procedure is super smooth and very fast, and if you have all documents correct, this should not be a worry at all. The whole process from appointment at PSK to delivery of your passport should not take more than 2 weeks. Mine took exactly 10 days !!

If you find this info useful, or need any other more info, please write a comment.

Thankyou for reading this long post. Hope you get your passport without any hassles 🙂

Full Tank Services – Full Satisfaction !

Puff, that was a day !
It was scorching hot at 2 in afternoon, but here I was, in my Swift Dzire, with AC in full swing, and Songs on full volume. We scrolled past the heavy Silkboard traffic swiftly like Usain bolt finishes his races. We reached BTM and were enroute Banashankari, and then the unexpected happened. My car started wobbling, and the speed reduced.. My heart sank, and just hoped it not to be a puncture. But guess luck was on the other end, and me on the receiving end. It was a flat tyre, damn !

As I said, the luck wasn’t favoring that day. There was no puncture shop nearby. I checked with a local shop and they informed about a shop that was 2km away..

Arrghh… I so wished there was an anytime anywhere road side assistance. Had no options, I took an auto and reached the shop.
Two lean inexperienced looking guys manned a shabby shop. They demanded 300 rs just to bring the flat tyre from the car to their shop. Later they’ll inspect and tell final rate. They even said that even if they are unable to make the puncture, I had to give them 300 rs as the service charge. Can you believe that? But as my day was going, I decided not to mess further and had to agree upon.
It took these guys 1 hour to fix the puncture. I struggled to catch my breath when the guy demanded 1800 rs. They claimed to have done some servicing, oiling, and added some spares without even my knowledge. Also, there was no pucca bill. I had no choice but to part off with my hard earned money. But I really wished if there is a service that is more convenient, affordable and transparent, and can takeover this unorganized auto industry.

Seems god heard my prayers. My friend told me about this website that offers similar service but at an affordable rate, and is more efficient, convenient and transparent. That is 


Full Tank offers multiple services —
-24×7 Roadside assistance
-Car wash, servicing, repair
-Car insurance
-Drivers for hire

Full Tank has a line up of skilled professionals, that are easy to reach and offers a variety of packages with reasonable prices. Not just that, they even provide a guarantee, and are completley customer centric, offering complete satisfaction. The chauffers are well trained and experienced and they offer complete tracking of your car.

You can even get multiple offers via their app. Right now, you can avail upto 70% off just by filling this survey –

Know more about Full Tank on or call them up at 8431233375.


So, its time to shack off the chains of bogus spares, delayed delivery, lack of customer service & orientation, incomplete repair works & unjustified bills. Login to this website now, download the app, get set for a host of special services, and #BeaHero.

A trek of its own kind !

“You have been staying in Bangalore for so long and never went for trekking”, a friend said who later explained to me everything about trekking. But what he didn’t understand was that I was scared, scared of heights and scared of disappointing people around me. Leaving aside all my fear I chose to register for this trek organized by Vikram who in Vijaya’s opinion is the “Clever guy”. Since I don’t remember the names of all of my trek mates I ll be naming them with what I observed about them..
As the day came closer the nervousness and excitement grew in me and I couldn’t sleep the entire night before the trek… Finally I reached Majestic and everyone else was surprisingly on time and the journey began at 7am.. We introduced ourselves and played dumb charades dividing us into two teams.. Pralove, Dinesh and Ashish were such Professionals that we didn’t even had to act much for them to guess the movie… We stopped on the way to eat breakfast and pack lunch, here I spoke to Meghal , Pralove and other guys. Finally, after breakfast we left to reach the hill. On the way I saw various other “Betta’s” and ponds which I would love to explore and guys ensure you keep your eyes open during the journey it’s beautiful…
We reached our destination at around 10am, and straightaway headed towards the hill after introducing ourselves and were also made aware of the rules of BTC. While walking towards the hill I saw my nightmare right in front of my eyes “never ending stairs”, I saw my journey coming to an end even before starting it… I got nervous but anyway started walking not even crossing 1.5 km I was exhausted and the fear of disappointing people was right there….. I saw people walking past me and I thought “Jess you aren’t just disappointing but irritating people now”.. Thank you Meghal, Pralove and Aamir to not letting me give up and kept motivating me because the next part of the journey was worth every bit of struggle I went through.. finally I walked and walked and crawled on a big rock. This is where we were divided into two groups- One group of 10 people including me 😉 took the caves way led by Vikram and the others who could not catch up went the stairs way led by Aamir..
“My beginning wasn’t great, so what I ll improve my end” – feeling determined I walked further. Once I climbed the rock I saw caves and said to myself ” No giving up, don’t look down, don’t be afraid, ignore the insects and just keep moving…”. These were the same words that kept repeating on my mind throughout the journey.. Dinesh and Pralove were like knights to me, they stayed by my side and ensured I did well, I slipped once, jumped, climbed the trees and rocks, and crawled my way up with the help of everyone.. They initially called me “Agra” because my name is quite complicated but later started calling me “Taj express” well, mostly because I did well inside the caves than on the stairs… It was scary yet fascinating at the same time and this is what kept me going… The selfie queen did not miss a chance to take pictures in the beauty of the caves and I can totally understand her happiness because I was taking pictures too and capturing every bit of memory in the camera… While I was happily taking pictures and climbing the rocks I heard a sound, turned back with a horrified expression saw Pralove slipped and got injured but thankfully he balanced himself well and no serious injuries took place… So we kept moving and just when we were about to reach the top we got lost and even after going here and there we realised we have been moving around the same place in the cave trying to figure out a way. Finally, we headed slightly down and found our way towards the temple.. “Aaahhhh such I relief” – I said with the cold breeze flowing across my face, it gave a sense of relief and happiness that I hv finally made it.
Next, we went inside the temple, me, Pralove, Vikram and Dinesh went first followed by the others. Just like the other temples we had to wash our hands and feets but here they pour water on our heads too. So, they poured cold water on my head 5 times which almost felt like taking a nice shower with cold water, then we took aarti applied teeka and came out. Finally, we went further up took pictures, opened our lunch boxes and shared snacks…. I had already lost my appetite because of the excitement and happiness that I just couldn’t eat.. “Jess you made it, you overcame the hurdles and you ll fear less now on…” – I thought with joy…
Now, we headed back down and I slipped twice again, Thank god, no injuries… And we descended back to the bus… All tired yet with full of energy Ashish and Vikram started dancing… Later I danced too followed by Geeta, from the Seeta-Geeta duo. Later they sang songs n I slept for a while until the bus stopped for a tea break… We drank tea and coffee respectively, had snacks and continued our journey back home. This is when Vijaya named Vikram “the clever one” I would say “Double meaning don” and Aamir “the innocent guy”.. Their conversation I must say was hilarious all of us had a great laugh…
Finally, concluding our journey we all went back home. I must thank all of you for being a part of this astounding journey especially Dinesh and Pralove for staying by my side, Aamir for carrying my bag and Vikram for organizing the trek, constantly entertaining us and ensuring we go safe… To all of you who were a part of this beautiful journey – thankyou !

Fun, food and Frolic! at Village – the soul of India.

I crave buffets!!! I love buffets!!! My friend treated me to this buffet joint , it was a experience in itself. From the onset it looked nothing like a buffet restaurant rather a village “nukkad” which was refreshing. We began with beet juice which was sweet and tangy. The place was decorated with 80-90’s bollywood movie posters , but the best part was the dance floor and the dj whipping out “lagawe tu lipistick” and people dancing their hearts out.  The staff organise various fun activities like dandia, musical chair, puppet show, dance practice etc to engage the diners and make it a fun atmosphere.

Coming to the food, the non veg starters were great especially the crispy fish. They had a plethora of veg options to choose from and in non veg they had a very delicious mutton rogan josh which stole my heart and pallate. Thank you for this amazing experience.

I’ll rate-
Food 4
Ambience 4
Staff behaviour 2
Space 5
Location 3.5

Pictures follow below-

Healthy you = Happy you !

A healthy you is a happy you. Undoubtedly, as the more fit and active you are, the more your body allows you to be, and hence keeps you in the best of spirits !
Presumably, it is not an easy task to be fit, as requires a lot of rules to be followed, isnt it? Well no ! It is not that difficult and you can keep your heart healthy by following some easy tips as we’ll discuss below.

 Some Tips for a Healthy Heart –>

1. Don’t smoke, and avoid secondhand smoke. Smoking markedly increases the risk of heart attacks and heart failure. Quitting smoking rapidly reduces your cardiovascular risk.

2. Exercise. New recommendations are to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes daily. Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and keeps your heart strong and disease-free.

3. Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity has been shown to increase the risk of heart attacks, heart failure and diabetes. A healthy diet and exercise program is the best way to maintain a normal weight.

4. Get your cholesterol levels checked. High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms until it is too late. The only way to know if you have a healthy cholesterol level is to get it checked. If you have not had your levels checked in the past year or two, get them checked now.

5. Maintain a healthy cholesterol level. The ideal level for your LDL (“bad” cholesterol) is less than 100. Certain individuals need to achieve even lower LDL cholesterol levels. Keeping your HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels up is also important. Know your lipid levels and talk to your physician about the best plan of action to keep your cholesterol levels ideal.

6. Get your blood pressure checked. Many patients with hypertension are not aware that they have this condition. There are very well-tolerated and effective treatments for high blood pressure.

7. Maintain a normal blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. Your systolic blood pressure should be below 140 and your diastolic blood pressure below 90. Certain individuals need to achieve even tighter control of their blood pressure.

8. Take your medications as recommended by your physician. Many patients stop taking their prescribed medications without discussing this with their physicians. Studies show that individuals who stop their cardiovascular medications are at much higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and reduced survival, compared with those who adhere to their medical regimen.

9. See your doctor regularly. Regular medical follow-up is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy and avoid problems down the road. (healthy heart tips, heart tips, healthy heart, good, health)

10. Use high quality food oil like Saffola. Saffola has multiple benefits that is suitable for all ages and hence helps keep a healthy heart. It does not accumulates fatty acids and keeps the cholesterol level low hence decreases the chances of heart failure, obesity, strokes and more. Read more about it here – 

Follow the simple and easy to implement steps above and see the change in your health, with immediate effect. You’ll be surprised to see the results and the activeness you get when the above rules are followed.

Lets make our nation and society a healthy and happy society.
Lets – Stay Active, Eat Better, Be Happy !

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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